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Earning with Cashcrate | 2015 Challenge

Make an extra $1500/year - step 2. Cashcrate Homesteading on a Dime challenge found at

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015

If you need to start at the beginning, the Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post can be found here. We just learned how Swagbucks works (and hopefully you have been trying them out for the past few days).

Click here to see the Swagbucks tutorial again! We are going to add our second site today… Cashcrate!

Time to add Cashcrate!

Cashcrate is an easy site to add, because there is not much to do. Remember, the goal is a little each day that adds up to a lot!

In your first ten minute session:

  • Click on “check in”. You will get $0.03 and if you check in everyday you will get an additional $0.50 at the end of the month.
  • Watch any bonus videos, they will credit at $0.02/video, although they only are available occasionally (lots of videos can be available when they do come up). You can do this in a new window or tab while you are doing other things.
  • Do your Swagbuck 10 minute tasks too!

You can have separate tabs open and many of these things can be done at the same time (you can have a bonus Cashcrate video going while you are clicking through the NOSO on Swagbucks for example).

Make an extra $1500 a year using online sites. This introduction is for Cashcrate, found at

Check-in and look for bonus videos, surveys, or offers you want to complete

In your Second Session:

I actually do not do much (if anything) on Cashcrate during my 30 minutes in the afternoon. Sometimes there is an easy offer or survey that I will complete to help me get to the next check, but the only thing I make sure I do everyday is check in and watch bonus videos. You can glance at the offers and surveys while you are doing that to see if there is something you want to fill out. If I can’t watch all the bonus videos in the 10 minutes then I will go back and make sure I get them during my second 30 minutes.

Other Cashcrate Tips:

  • Use a separate email for sign ups. There are a lot of easy ways to make $1-$2 in the offers and surveys section, but many of them will require an email. Use hotmail or gmail to setup an email just for these. This way, if you get a lot of email spam then it is not going to your regular account. If you set up a separate account for Swagbucks offers then you can use the same one.
  • Cashcrate sends checks! Make sure your address is correct.
  • Check in, Videos, and an occasional easy offer or survey and you should bring in $5-$20 a month with Cashcrate. It’s no Swagbucks, but it still adds up and you really can finish in minutes.
  • Cashcrate will also run contests! Like Swagbucks, it is a good idea to keep an idea on their “news” section (just below check in). In January they ran a contest to see who could win the most using surveys. 40 people win extra money, the top person will get $60. They keep an updated leaderboard so you can see how close you are.

Ready for the next site? Practice your Cashcrate and Swagbucks skills and get ready to add Fusion Cash to the mix on Sunday!

Top 100 Homesteading Posts | HomeAcre Blog Hop 1/22

Top 100 Homestead posts at the HomeAcre blog hop. Found at

HomeAcre Blog Hop

Welcome to this weeks HomeAcre Blog Hop! This has been a fantastic week at Pint Size Farm. We started the Homesteading on a Dime challenge (and I hope many of you are also giving it a try). The DIY Books and Courses bundle sale has started (I’ve been waiting for that for a few weeks!). And, I dropped off more than 200 items to a Just Between Friends consignment sale to see if I can make some money decluttering.

And, gardening season is almost here again!!! Well… for us in Arizona at least.

You submitted some excellent posts this week. It was really hard to choose a feature. Ultimately I choose the one that also had the most hits because that means many of you also enjoyed it. That post was 16 Ways We Save Money by Homesteading by a Return to Simplicity. She has some amazing ideas (and does some amazing things, like make her own homespun yarn). Definitely head over to her post to see what she has to say.

{Take Me to the Hop!}

The Ultimate DIY Home Bundle 2015

Ultimate DIY Home Bundle 2015 found at

Ultimate DIY Bundle

As you’re here, you clearly love the feeling of creating something of your own – and you know that the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is pretty hard to match.

The great thing about crafting and DIY is that there’s so much to get involved in! You may have started with decorating, or creating gifts, or photography, but there’s this huge world of crafting opportunities out there, and you’ve probably only scratched the surface!

The only problem is… how do you decide which project to dive into next? Not to mention, it can get expensive so quickly, buying more resources, more books, more patterns. What if you had a wide variety of inspiring resources right at your fingertips, but for a fraction of what you would usually spend?

That’s why you need to check out The Ultimate DIY Bundle! It’s your instant go-to library for a whole range of carefully curated DIY and crafting eBooks and eCourses. There are projects that the whole family can get involved in – from pet photography and home decor to chalk pastels and sewing.

For the crazy low price of just $34.95, you get access to a carefully curated library of over 85 eBooks and eCourses from the world’s leading DIY and crafting bloggers – enabling you to pick a project and jump straight into it with confidence. It’s the perfect tool to skip the information overload and throw yourself straight into a new activity.


Hurry though! The Ultimate DIY Bundle will only be on sale for 6 days – from 8am EST on Wednesday, January 21 until 11.59pm EST on Monday, January 26.

You can buy with complete confidence because you’re covered by the Ultimate Bundles 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you have a full 30 days to enjoy all the eBooks and eCourses in the bundle, and if you don’t think they provided enough value, you’ll get a full refund.

Not only that, but The Ultimate DIY Bundle comes with 4 awesome bonuses, worth over $118. That’s 3x the price of the bundle alone! These include…

A free $15 Store Credit PLUS 8×10 Art Print from Hope Ink ($43 Value), a free online class from Craftsy (up to $60 Value), free $15 store credit to, and a free sewing pattern PLUS a Premium Video Class from UpCraft Club ($19.99 Value).

So, don’t miss your chance to grab The Ultimate DIY Bundle, and get 85 incredible eBooks and eCourses for just $34.95. All you need to do is take action by midnight on Monday, January 26!

This amazing deal ends in just…
Pick up your copy right now, before it’s too late. Or, learn more here.

Earning Money with Swagbucks | 2015 Challenge

Step 1: Swagbucks. Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015 found at

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015

We are going to start this years Homesteading on a Dime challenge with Swagbucks. I spend most of my time on Swagbucks and it is, by far, my biggest earning site. Swagbucks is rated an A+ at the Better Business Bureau.

How to Earn with Swagbucks

In your First 10 Minute Session:

  • Search until you get a win – 6-30 swagbucks
  • Finish your “To Do” List on the first page (Swagbutton, NOSO, Daily Poll, Daily Crave) – 5 swagbucks

In my introduction to Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post I explained how I do one 10 minute session in the morning and a 30 minute session in the afternoon. The steps above will not take you anywhere near 10 minutes to finish, but if you continue this challenge you will have 4 other sites to also quickly do things at in your first ten minutes. Practice, practice, practice! Learn to get those tasks done as fast as possible.

Need More Details?

Search and Earn is at the top. The To Do List is found under your Daily Goal Meter.

  • Click on the “Daily Crave” and you will have to like or unlike a page after it is up for about 30 seconds then it will credit you with a swagbuck after a second page is up for about 30 seconds. You can open it in a new window.
  • The SwagButton is an automatic swagbuck if you have it installed on your computer.
  • Daily Poll is a question, answer it and you get a swagbuck.
  • NOSO stands for “no obligation special offer”. Just click that you are not interested (or fill out the information if you are) and you will get 2 swagbucks at the end.
Do the Search and Earn and "To Do's" Everyday! Homesteading on a Dime Challenge found at

Earn with Swagbucks

In your Second Session (time spent is up to you, I spend 30 minutes):

I spend most, sometimes all, my “second session” time at Swagbucks. There are many things you can quickly do to earn some more swagbucks.

  • Play 10 Games (10 Swagbucks, 2 every other game). Swagasaurus Run and Swag Jump are the fastest. Load them while you are doing other things.
  • Do as many Brand Activities or Encrave Activities as you can. They are usually found on the homepage (generally in the first 2 lines of special offer boxes) and are worth 2 points each. They are a fast way to rack up swagbucks.
  • Surveys. Try for them, it is the fastest way to earn! They seemed hard to get at first, but I qualify for at least 1-2 a day now. I think the algorithm that figures which surveys they put on your page gets better the more you do. You will also get faster because most have similar set-ups. I find most take about half the time they say it will.
  • Special Offers. If you still have time you can go to the special offers page and watch videos. They are generally worth 1 swagbuck each and can usually be found in the Radium One and Toro “1 click” Section.
  • Reach your Daily Goal!!! If you make your daily goal everyday for the month you will get a bonus 300 swagbucks on the 5th day of the next month (you will also get a bonus if you reach it for 7, 14, or 21 days in a row). That is on top of the daily bonus you get for getting your goal. On the page example above, I will get a bonus 9 swagbucks because I reached the goal of 100 that day. Goals get harder after big days and easier after bad ones. At the end of last year I was getting goals that were near 300.
    Using Swagbucks special offers. Part of the homesteading on a dime challenge found at

    Swagbucks Special Offers – Toro 1-click offers.

A Few Other Tips:

  • Use swagbucks as your regular search engine, that way you will get surprise wins on days you need to use search.
  • Keep tabs on the blog. Swagbucks regularly holds contests where you can earn bonus swagbucks for doing specific things for your team. They can be fun and encourage you to check out other areas of the site. In the first swagbucks picture the box that says “Feed the Meter” is where they announce the contests.
  • Swagbucks will also hold “collector bill” contests. Find all of them and you will get bonus swagbucks awarded immediately (usually around 15). The bills are random when you get a search win.
  • If you are in need of money then check out other areas. Tasks is one section where you can earn more if you do it for a while (you will be offered higher paying jobs as you get better). It doesn’t pay great for the time spent, but if you need it then it is there.
  • You can redeem swagbucks for cash. Get a paypal card and transfer it to your bank. There are other awards too (I like Amazon cards because you can add them to your account and save them up – plus they encourage me to look at it as money I can spend whereas I tend to save “real” income)
  • You can shop through swagbucks. I use Mr Rebates for all my rebate shopping because they usually have the highest rebates, but if you would rather use swagbucks it is an option. Use something – cash back on online shopping is an easy way to save some money.
  • If you do not like the idea of using your email for special offers then you can create a new email just for offer sites. This stops junk mail from going to your regular inbox, but still gives you access when you need it. You can use hotmail or gmail to do this.
  • You should bring in $30-$80/month with Swagbucks depending on how many surveys you do, if you reach your daily goals, and if you have access to the mobile apps.  You can choose paypal (cash) or gift cards.

Mobile Ways to Earn with Swagbucks:

If you have a mobile phone, iPod/iPad, or device that runs android, then you can earn more swagbucks without doing much at all by using their mobile apps. Find them, download them, and you can let the videos run on their own and earn swagbucks as they go.

Earn with swagbucks on mobile apps. Information found at

Found just under your “to do’s” on the homepage. You can download apps from here.

TIP 1: Go through and “favorite” videos that are 30 seconds or less. After that just play your favorites. You will earn the max amount in the shortest amount of time that way. Some of the quickest videos are under “Home and Garden” and are listed as “10 second tips”. Yep, 10 second videos!

  • SBTV Mobile – earn up to 36 swagbucks a day (2 swagbucks for every 5 videos)
  • ENTERTAINow – earn up to 18 swagbucks a day (2 swagbucks for every 10 videos)
  • – earn up to 18 swagbucks a day (2 swagbucks for every 15 videos)
  • – earn up to 18 swagbucks a day (2 swagbucks for every 15 videos)
  • – earn up to 18 swagbucks a day, currently only on android
  • – earn up to 18 swagbucks a day, currently only on android

That is up to 126 swagbucks a day just for letting videos run on your phone or device. No time spent.

TIP 2: If you find that your device stalls on an ad click the upper right corner. There is an “X” there, even though you can’t see it. It will close the ad and continue the videos.

Ready for the next site? Practice your Swagbucks skills and get ready to add Cashcrate to the mix on Friday!

Homesteading on a Dime 2015

You can easily earn an extra $1500/year from home! It's called Homestead on a Dime challenge Found at

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge

It’s time to bring back Homesteading on a Dime! This was one of my more popular challenges last year and I’m excited to introduce it to those of you who are new (and welcome back “old” players).

Homesteading on a Dime is all about getting those things for your homestead that you want, but may not be able to afford. It is about setting long-term goals and seeing them realized!

The things I have purchased using my Homesteading on a Dime money include our tank-less hot water heater, bread machine, flat-screen TV (yes, I know it’s not really a homesteading item but we did need it and free is good!), Christmas presents, books, and more. You could even earn paypal and put the money straight toward debt.

How much money are we talking?

You can set your own goals. Last year my goal was $5/day with Sunday’s free. I was able to reach my goal within $5-$10 above or below it each month. That is just about $1600 for the year. I think it is very reasonable to say you can earn $50-$150/month if you use all the sites and do it everyday.

How much time will it take?

I suggest 10-60 minutes a day. You have to set time to do this daily. It can be as little as 10 minutes a day, but 10 minutes a day is MUCH better than 60 minutes once a week. You earn money slowly that adds up. The biggest mistake people make with these sort of programs is expecting to make a ton by working a long time or doing it a few times and forgetting about it. A little bit every day is the best way to go.

I spend 40 minutes a day on my Homesteading on a Dime activities.  I limit myself to that using a timer. You could earn more if you want to spend more time or you could spend less time and lower your goal. I found that 40 minutes is a good amount for me.  I do a 10 minute session in the morning and another 30 minute session in the afternoon. I do have an extra iPod Touch that I run videos from when I can.

Math geeks, like me, will quickly figure out that comes out to 4 hours 40 minutes a week. Since I previously told you my goal was $5/day, not on Sundays, then you now know that last year I “earned” $6.43/hour doing Homesteading on a Dime. To some of you that will sound low and some high. I like to point out that I did not travel to a place of work so there was no extra travel time involved. You can do this in your pj’s. You can do this watching TV.

How do you do it?

I use a combination of five online sites that pay for search, survey, and other activities. Each one is a little different. I only recommend ones that have actually sent me checks, paypal, or rewards although I do test new ones occasionally and might recommend them after I get paid.

If you are new I recommend starting with the first site and adding new ones as you get used to the system. Once you know what you need to do each day (and where to click) you can knock a site out in a few minutes (some a couple of seconds), but at first it may take you some time to get used to it and find everything.

Use the extra $1500 to pay down debt or buy things you want or need. Homesteading on a dime challenge found at

Pay down debt or buy things you want (or need).

The Money-Making Sites:

This section will be updated as I introduce the sites. You can sign up and take a look at them now or you can wait until I explain them. I’ll give you a few days in between each one so you can get used to the daily activities for each. You will get faster as you go.

SWAGBUCKS – how to earn money on this site (link will be added 1/20) and sign up here.

CASHCRATE – how to earn money on this site (link will be added 1/23) and sign up here.

FUSION CASH – how to earn money on this site (link will be added 1/25) and sign up here.

IRAZOO – how to earn money on this site (link will be added 1/27) and sign up here.

BING REWARDS – how to earn money on this site (link will be added 1/30) and sign up here.

Follow Me through the Challenge:

  • I always post my checks and rewards on facebook.
  • If you are a twitter fan, I post search wins, codes, and occasionally rewards/checks on my twitter page.
  • I will update once a month on the blog and for my newsletter subscribers.

Ready for your first site? Get ready to learn about Swagbucks tomorrow!

Top 100 Homestead and Garden Posts | HomeAcre Hop 1/14

Top 100 Homestead Posts - found at

Top 100 Homestead Posts – by you!

Welcome to January! This is a big month for me and Pint Size Farm. I will be starting to declutter (and hopefully make some money in the process) next week. I will also be introducing Homesteading on a Dime 2015 in the next week. I had some readers ask about fowl pox, auto feeders, and auto water systems so look for posts on those soon as well (in fact, the How to make an Automatic Feeder post is already live).

I have three great campaigns coming up. One is for the DIY ultimate book bundle. 66 Ebooks, a bunch of classes, and some bonuses for $34.95. Something for everyone and you have a week to purchase it. I also am going to give out a huge coupon code for bread and pasta tools in honor of National Pie Day (now is the time to switch to homemade bread and I’m hoping to start making the switch to homemade pasta too), and introduce a great company that takes the chemicals out of food storage.

I passed 1000 followers on Pinterest this week so thank you! If you are on Pinterest and not following me yet be sure to stop by.

It’s time for a HomeAcre hop. I love these hops and I love checking out the wonderful posts you guys submit. I encourage you to save the page and check out the other submissions.

<Click Here to Go to the Linky!>

Get Started with Homemade Bread and Pasta (plus 25% off tools)

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I made the switch to homemade bread over a year ago… and I love it! The new year is a great time for change for those of you who also want to make the switch. I would love to make the switch to homemade pasta as well. I do make my own gnocchi (and it really is delicious), but I do not have the right tools for homemade pasta… yet.

Those of you who are making the switch to homemade bread (or would like to), here are a few resources to help:

Pantry Paratus is offering 25% off Bread, Pasta, and Pastry tools in honor of National Pie Day (January 26th).  25% off… seriously, that’s huge. Here are a few tools that stood out for me:

They also offer grain mills, dehydrators, and more (those products are not on sale right now but are worth a look!)

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