9 Homesteading and Prepping Deals and Ways to Earn Extra Money

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Homestead Deal Time!

It's time for the weekly deals! This first one is a great stock-up opportunity.

  • 48 Angel Soft Double Rolls for $18.23 plus free shipping (0.38/double roll)Click here to see this deal. If the $2 coupon is not showing up (under the price in yellow) when you click the link then click on “Today's Deals” at the top then “Coupons” in the left sidebar. The coupon can be found in the home and garden section. You also want the subscribe and save price. To get that price you choose “subscribe and save” and checkout. If you ever want to change that Amazon makes it easy. Just click on “Your Account” then “Your Subscribe and Save Items” and you can cancel at any time.
  • If you would rather have natural toilet paper then check out the price on 48 Scotts Natural Double and a Half Rolls for $31.86 ($0.66/double and a half roll). Click here to see this deal. These are 440 squares (double ply) compared to the 264 squares of double ply on the Angel Soft double roll so it is the equivalent of 80 of the Angel Soft double rolls! If you do not see the coupon then follow the steps above.
  • Earn an extra $500/year. Click here to go to Swagbucks. This week I am going to start posting ways you can earn extra money online. Swagbucks is my favorite (you can earn $500/year with them with no referrals) and I will talk more about them soon, but I am listing a few others today so those of you who want to get started on some of them can!
  • Cashcrate. Click here to see this deal. I earn about $5/month with Cashcrate, but I tend to forget about it. It is a good site and I have actually received checks from them. You do not have to submit for the check, they will automatically send it when you reach the limit.
  • Get $10 for Free with Ebates. Click here to see this deal. Ebates is a rebate site so you get money back rather than earn money, but they have a $10 sign up bonus right now. So, sign up and use them the next time you purchase something for $25 or more and they will give you a $10 bonus. Magazines.com has a 26% rebate so if you spend $25 on magazines (yourself or they make a great gift) then you will get a $6.50 rebate plus qualify for the $10 bonus (making your $25 purchase only $8.50)
  • Nielson Panel!!!! They only open for participants every once in a while. They have great reviews. I have tried four times now, but they have never needed somebody in my area/demographic. Maybe you will get lucky 🙂 You have to click the banner below to get this deal.

  • Earn $$ With Bing. Click here to go to Bing. Bing is a search engine reward site. It is another small one (maybe $5-$10/month), but everything adds up. I bought our Nest, LED HDTV, and part of our tankless hot water heater all using online rewards. If there is something that you want for your homestead then this is a way you can pay for it without digging in your pocket.
  • Earn $$ With IRazoo. Click here to go to IRazoo. I will be going into detail about how I make extra money, but I am providing the links I use now for those of you who would like to check them out first. I get the smallest amount from IRazoo (about $50/year), but I spend less than thirty seconds on the site a day.

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