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Arizona Daylight Savings Time (does not exist)

Arizona daylight savings time change is pretty easy, if you live here and do not have any dealings outside of the state, that is! Basically, Arizona daylight savings time does not exist. We do not change our clocks. We do not spring ahead. We do not fall behind. Sounds simple, right? Well, then you throw in the rest of the country.

Don't get me wrong. If everybody ignored daylight savings time I would be thrilled. That would be the easiest solution. But, that hasn't happened yet, which means it takes an extra step of thinking when trying to deal with other parts of the country while living here in Arizona.

Let's see, my family lives in Illinois and they are an hour ahead of us… wait, no it is after “spring ahead”, I guess they are two hours ahead of us. My sister in law is in California. Is she on the same time as us right now or are we an hour ahead. What about that meeting I have with the company in Maine.  Aack, I give up!

Arizona Daylight Savings: What Time Zone are we In?

If you are dealing with Arizona daylight savings then you always have to know what time of year it is to know what timezone (equivalent) you are in. Arizona is

  • Pacific Standard Time Zone from “spring ahead” to “fall back”
  • Mountain Standard Time Zone from “fall back” to “spring ahead”

Well so much for forgetting about daylight savings time. It is interesting to note that technically we are always mountain standard time since we never change, but the rest of mountain standard time changes for half of the year and we choose to ignore it. When they change our time becomes the same as pacific standard time, but we are not really in that timezone since we didn't change. Confused yet? Many apps and websites offer “Arizona Time Zone” (listed under Phoenix) as an option, but if they do not then people who live in Arizona will have to manually change their timezone when the rest of the country changes for daylight savings time.

Arizona Daylight Savings: Who Participates?

Not all of Arizona opts out of daylight savings time. The Navajo nation uses daylight savings time so if you cross into Navajo territory the time will change. The Hopi nation within the Navajo nation does not use daylight savings time (so the time will change again when you cross from the Navajo territory into the Hopi nation).

Arizona Daylight Savings: The history

Arizona was always divided about using daylight savings time. It gets warm here in the evening so many people like to have the cooler evening hours stay the same. As a state, Arizona tried daylight savings time for one year (in the 1960's) and has stayed away from it since then. For more information on the interesting history of Arizona daylight savings head over to Time and Date.

Arizona Daylight Savings: Current

In 2014 Rep. Phil Lovas, R-Peoria introduced a bill that would make Arizona participate in daylight savings time. He withdrew that bill early 2015 due to more opposition than support. His reasoning for introducing the bill was that it can be difficult for businesses that do interstate business and since Arizona “had not discussed it for 50 years” he thought it was due for a discussion.

There have been other bills across the country asking states or areas to opt out of daylight savings time, but so far the majority of the country still participates (most of Arizona does not, Hawaii does not, and there is a county somewhere in the midwest that does not).

Not participating makes things easy as far as not having to remember to change the clocks. Although, I will admit to it being much more difficult when dealing with out of state people. I would imagine it would be even harder for a business who deals with it regularly. The best solution… make the rest of the country drop it too! I guess that isn't going to happen so for now just keep it easy and remember Arizona daylight savings makes the time zone mountain standard time in the winter and (the same as) pacific standard time in the summer.

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