Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Quick, Simple

bathroom decluttering tips

Bathroom decluttering tips for the challenge

Bathroom decluttering tips are probably my favorite to write about. I like using bathroom decluttering tips because it is an area where I can get rid of a lot of things quickly. Under the bathroom sink is a catch-all for me. When in doubt, it goes under the bathroom sink. That makes it a total disaster, but it is still a small enough area that it is fast to declutter and organize. This makes it a great zone to start with. These bathroom decluttering tips will have you finishing an area of your house in no time.

We are well on our way in the decluttering challenge! If you are just catching up then be sure to head back to the how to declutter your home page to learn about splitting your home into zones. Bathrooms make a great zone when done together. If you have a lot of bathrooms in your home it might take you a while, but I still recommend keeping them in the same zone. Which brings me to the first of the bathroom decluttering tips…

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Keep The Bathrooms in the Same Zone

Keeping your bathrooms together no matter how many you have is a good idea. Despite them being in different areas, you often times have similar products in each. Decluttering all your bathrooms at the same time helps you stop from stocking up on multiple products just because they are in a different room. You might have 6 months of shampoo in all three bathrooms, but do you really need a year and a half stock supply of shampoo?!

Keep an extra bottle in each bathroom, but keep your excess in one location. That way you can easily see if you have gone too far, but still have enough if you run out in one room. Of all the bathroom decluttering tips, this is an easy one to follow, but one many people (including myself) are guilty of not doing.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Sample Products

I collect sample products. Not on purpose, but they just seem to collect. This is the time to get rid of them.

  • Put them in a basket where you can see them.
  • Give yourself a month to use them.
  • Donate what is left.

This is one of the bathroom decluttering tips you should take to heart. I know they are free, but they are cluttering your life! Don't hide them in the back of your bathroom cabinet (where you will forget about them) just because you can't give them up. Use them or donate them.

bathroom decluttering tips - know your limits

Bathroom decluttering tips – Know your Limits

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Medicine

Check all the expiration dates on your medication. Medication does not work well after expiration (and some of it can even become dangerous). If it is expired throw it out. Unlike some of the other bathroom decluttering tips, you shouldn't argue with this one. After all, if you have a headache do you want to grab a medication that isn't even going to do anything for you (and then not be sure if you can take something else). Just throw it out.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Half Used Products

Why is that half bottle of lotion still under your cabinet? Ask yourself these questions so you know what to do with it:

  • Did you stop using it because you dislike the scent, feel, or some other reason?

If you stopped using it because you didn't like it then get rid of it. There is no reason to feel guilty and hang on to it for the rest of your life. This is the mindset you have to let go of. Stop cluttering your life just because you don't want to “waste” something. It will be wasted in the trash or wasted in a corner of your house. The waste happens when it comes into your house. When you see how much trash you actually have then you will stop bringing it in your home (which is better) rather than still bringing it in but hiding it in little cubby corners everywhere.

  • Are you currently using it?

If you are currently using it then keep it.

  • Are there other bottles of a similar product?

If there are bottles of other similar lotions, creams, shampoos, etc then combine them.

  • How much is left?

If there is less than 25% left then put it in the same basket as your samples and give yourself a month to use it up.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Items (Brushes, curling irons, hair dryers, etc)

This is the hardest of the bathroom decluttering tips. How much do you really need… that is what you have to ask yourself. To be honest, I really do need about 6 nail clippers. I don't know why, but even with 6 floating around I tend to only ever find one. I used to only have one hairbrush, but I have added one more since my kids would take it and it would disappear for a few days. But, I got rid of both of my hair dryers. I don't really use them often enough to justify the space.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions about everything in your bathroom. If you don't use it enough, get rid of it.

If you have a small apartment then there are even more considerations and that post at Apartment Therapy goes into that. Of all their bathroom decluttering tips, I am not fond of the “if you don't use it find another place in your home” tip (just get rid of it), but I do like the create and disguise new storage tip.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Your Stock

Okay, so this one is hard (especially for a former couponer and for all my prepper readers out there). How much of a stock do you really need? The preparer in me and the minimalist in me battle every time I declutter and organize my bathroom.

  • If you are following a sale schedule in order to save money then 3 months is a good number.

Most sales are on a 3 month rotation, especially bathroom products. If you stock yourself up to a three month supply when you find a good sale then you will almost certainly come across another good sale within the next three months where you can do the same thing.

As a couponer, this is the amount of time I kept. Every six months I would go through my stock and donate anything over 3 months worth of “stock” to the women's home. I never had a problem running out.

  • If you are preparing for job loss, financial difficultly, or you have an uneven income (some months are much higher than others) then six months should get you through most, if not all, emergencies.

It can be hard to prepare for not knowing where your income will come from next. If you need that extra peace of mind then go with six months.

  • If you are preparing for the end of the world then re-think your strategy.

That probably sounds harsh, but every time I see a prepper stocking up on years worth of toiletries I think of all the things they could be doing with that space. Food, water, and things that are really important to you. With some of these products, if the end of the world came they might be a luxury, but the type of luxury they are is yet to be known. I've heard so many people talk about how important toilet paper will be in an end of world scenario, but really, would you trade for food or toilet paper?

If you have unlimited space and it is important to you then go for it. If not, look into more sustainable options. The bathroom decluttering tips below will help you minimize your products to a few multipurpose items (which would be much better in an end of world scenario).

  • No shampoo, no problem. Go with this homemade shampoo recipe and you will be fine. Stock up on a few essential oils (keep them fresh) and it will have a nice smell as well. Baking soda, essential oils, and vinegar are all multipurpose items great for stocking (unlike shampoo).
  • No conditioner, no problem. A splash of lemon juice with or without an egg will make your hair super shiny (just make sure you rinse in cold, not hot). Look into options that work in your area. Lemons are really easy to find here 4 months of the year and you can get your own eggs from your homestead.
  • No toilet paper? Use a bidet, a REALLY fancy toilet seat (if you have access to water) or cloth. The thought makes me a little squeamish, but I know there are families that do it now so I'm sure I could handle it in an end of world scenario. If it is food or toilet paper I know what I would choose for my family.
  • Razors… they are multipurpose items – stock up!
  • Almond Oil makes a great massage oil and lotion (a little greasy, but it soaks in nicely). Add some essential oils to it and it smells heavenly.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Cleaning

Of all the bathroom decluttering tips, this one is why zones work so well. If you rotate a different zone every six months then you will be deep cleaning your home twice a year. No more forgetting to do regular maintenance and cleaning. Here are some tips to help with cleaning and maintenance:

  • Get some car polish (yep, car polish, get the cheap stuff at the dollar store – it works great for this purpose). Car polish works great to shine up your sinks and fixtures. Really really great. Not only does it shine them well, it acts as a deterrent to grime accumulation in the future.
  • Did you declutter some shaving cream? Use it on your mirrors. It gives extra shine and, just like the car polish, it makes them more resistant to streaking than a normal day to day clean.
  • Have you cleaned your drains lately? Put 1/4 cup of baking soda down the drain and follow it (slowly) with 1/2 cup vinegar. Pour a little, let it fizz, pour some more, and so on (until the fizz has stopped). Then follow it with a pan full of boiling water. It works great to keep your drains running smoothly. If you already have a full clog then you will need something stronger though.
  • I have a whole post on how to clean a bathroom that gives more tips on keeping that important room clean and smelling fresh. Some of the tips are daily so they will not work as well as six month bathroom decluttering tips, but they are still nice to know.

Want to work step by step? This HGTV post on bathroom decluttering tips steps it out for you: first sort, second toss, third organize, fourth put away.

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How to Create a Decluttering Binder

You will need three things plus the worksheets.

If you do not have any of that at home you can pick it up at the store or the links are to Amazon. Prime member can have it shipped to their house and ready to go in 2 days for $15.75. The worksheets are free.

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By the end of the challenge you will have your own organized decluttering binder!

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