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Bathroom recycling tips are super important because research has shown that it is an area that is easily forgotten. Personal care products like shampoo and lotion bottles, toilet paper rolls, and toothpaste and soap boxes are significantly less likely to be recycled than kitchen products, but it is just as easy to drop these bathroom products in a recycling container than the kitchen ones.

Start using these Bathroom Recycling Tips today!

Start using these Bathroom Recycling Tips today!

Plus, the bathroom is a great place to go green. Here are some bathroom recycling tips so you can throw out those harsh cleaners and live a healthier lifestyle today!

Bathroom Recycling Tips: Reduce

The first of the famous recycling R's is Reduce. So if we are going to talk about bathroom recycling tips let's start with reducing that garbage. Reducing in the bathroom can be done if you can (and want to) switch to cloth. Here are some cloth alternatives:

  • Face Wipes – I love my knitted face wipes. They exfoliate, and hold a cleaner well. If you want you can even easily turn them into “to go” face wipes. Just put them in a small container and add water, a drop of castile soap, and some essential oils (Tea Tree oil is great for oily or acne prone skin). Grab one, wipe to clean, put it in the wash. If you knit then they are simple to make. I like two inch square cloths, big enough for the job but small enough to store easily.  If you do not knit then you can usually find some great options on Etsy!
  • “Mama” Cloth or Diva Cups – I don't know how it got it's name, but mama cloth is cloth menstrual products and a Diva cup is a green alternative to a tampon. Using them generally reduces cramps and shortens cycles. Plus, there is a lot less trash in your bathroom.
  • Using Cloth Diapers – I am definitely a cloth diaper fan! Besides the financial benefit to using them, there is the benefit of less chemicals next to your babies sensitive spots, and you don't run out. Oh, and did I mention CUTE!! Here are some resources if you want to get into cloth diapers.
    • Prefold Cloth Diapers – The cost and use of prefolds. This is generally the cheapest method and it works great, but it has the highest learning curve and most people think this method is old fashioned.
    • Flat Cloth Diapers – I never got used to this kind of cloth diaper, but many people love them.
    • Contour Cloth Diapers – These are a little easier than prefolds, but are still in the fitted category (needs a cover)
    • There are also pockets (super popular) and AIO diapers (work like disposables only they are cloth).
    • Cloth Diaper Wipes and Solution – Don't forget your chemical-free baby wipes!
  • Family Cloth – Not for the faint of heart, although I must admit to occasionally thinking about trying it when I had a potty learning toddler (cloth wipes provide so much better protection for your hands – something I learned while using them for diapers).
  • Convert to Dual Flush – Reduce water usage by converting your toilet to a dual flush for around $25! We did this on both of our toilets It was simple and it saves a lot of water (and therefore it also saves money!)

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Bathroom Recycling Tips: Reuse

So the next section of bathroom recycling tips is how to reuse some of those pesky products.

    • If you use liquid soap then you can add a little bit of water at the end and swish it around (it will get you a few more pumps).
    • Toilet paper rolls have lots of uses (this is a great recycling tip for kids if you have small children). Make a bird feeder out of them by putting a little peanut butter on the outside and rolling them in seed. If you have backyard chickens, you can tape up the sides and put seed in the center, punch a small hole in the tube so small amounts of seed fall out when it is kicked around and it is a fun enrichment toy for them. Or, just use them for a craft project!
    • If you go no-poo (that is a horrible way of saying you switch to natural, non store-bought shampoo), then you can reuse that shampoo or conditioner bottle for your own hair wash. Then say goodbye to buying those plastic bottles forever!
    • Reuse those toothbrushes as cleaners. Just make sure you put them someplace else so you know they are no longer supposed to be used in your mouth!

This video shows how you can make a bathroom rug using old T-shirts. It is definitely one of the more fun bathroom recycling tips and I think it is another great recycling tip for kids if you have a tween or teen.

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Do you have any other bathroom recycling tips in the reuse category? I found it hard to come up with ways to reuse bathroom products.

Bathroom Recycling Tips: Recycle

And now we are on the recycling tips! Many people forget their bathroom when recycling, but the truth is, there are many products that are recyclable in there. Things like toilet paper rolls and the shampoo and conditioner bottles. Don't forget your soap containers (if you buy soap that is in a package)! You cannot recycle dental floss containers though (I didn't realize that until today!) Head over to I Want to be Recycled to get more information on bathroom recycling tips and some for other areas in your home too! They are also sponsoring a giveaway for $100 to Amazon. You could get dual flush kits for your toilets with that money or maybe switch to some cloth products! Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the giveaway details. If you have a hard time remembering then you can always put a bathroom recycling bin in your bathroom so you can do it immediately. You could put it under the sink so it doesn't clutter up your bathroom. If it is too cluttered under your sink, well… try these bathroom decluttering tips to help regain your sanity! Texas Type A Mom suggests using a second wastepaper basket and that works too! Anything to help you remember to separate those recyclables from the trash.

Use a Bathroom Recycling bin! One of the bathroom recycling tips at

Use a Bathroom Recycling bin!

Bathroom Recycling Tips: Other Ways to Go Green

If you want to take the next step in going green in the bathroom the I suggest you start with cleaning and essential oils. Learn how to clean a bathroom the natural way and get those awful, harsh, chemicals out of your home completely! While not one of the bathroom recycling tips, it does help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Bathroom Recycling Tips: $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Many thanks to the I Want to be Recycled campaign for sponsoring this giveaway! What will you do with your $100 Amazon gift card? You could switch your toilets to dual-flush, or change some of your products to cloth, or maybe you could get a bathroom recycling bin! So many options.

Good luck!

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  • Reply Marla May 3, 2015, 11:30 am

    Good article and great tips. I am especially interesting in the dual flush toilet. I had never heard of that before and was wondering if you have one in your home and how well do you like it? This is something I need to show to my husband to see if this would be something we should get. I appreciate you honest opinion. Pinned & twitted.

    • Reply Heidi May 4, 2015, 6:27 pm

      We do (on both of the toilets) – we used the dual flush kit that I linked to in the post. It was really easy to add and seems to save quite a bit of water. The light flush is about half of what our old flush was (and we had a low flow toilet anyway).
      Heidi recently posted…Bathroom Recycling Tips – Living GreenMy Profile

  • Reply Tom ~ Raise Your Garden May 5, 2015, 4:10 am

    Totally agree with your recycling theories here! Especially those toilet paper rolls, they have so many awesome uses. And toothbrushes, we always use them for cleaning the tile and other small spots. But disposable diapers, that’s a tough one for me!

  • Reply Abby July 4, 2016, 12:10 am

    Very insightful. I totally agree with you. Especially the double flush. If you imagine the amount of water we use in toilets its crazy.Through proper water utilization, we can create sustainable water usage.

  • Reply Jane from Modern Housewives February 24, 2017, 1:46 am

    Thanks for the cool tips! I am also a fan of cloth diapers, they save a lot of money and it’s not so hard to clean them, which is perfect. I never knew that so many things in the bathroom can be recycled, it’s a big loss that many people don’t do it. It definitely made me consider the organising of the bathroom in our home.

  • Reply Lisa Bedford November 29, 2017, 7:06 pm

    I couldn’t agree more in this post! Recycling is an easy thing to do and something that we should act now.

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