Arizona Daylight Savings Time Change

Arizona daylight savings time change is pretty easy, if you live here and do not have any dealings outside of the state, that is! Basically, Arizona daylight savings time does not exist. We do not change our clocks. We do not spring ahead. We do not fall behind. Sounds simple, right? Well, then you throw […] Read More

Rainwater Harvesting | How to Collect Rain

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to get free water for your homestead. It also helps with your water bill (especially here in Arizona) and if you are in a state that gets more rain then it will help keep it from draining into your (or your neighbor’s) yard or basement. I came across this […] {Click Here to see the Infographic!}

Chicken Feed Cost Analysis Results

A few months ago I started an experiment on the cost of chicken feed. I have been reporting the results as I got them, but I am going to also compile them together in this post. The question was does a more expensive feed have less waste and what chicken feed is the best for […] Read More

What is the Average Cost to Build a Home in Arizona 2014

It’s time for this weeks reader question! This weeks reader question is what is the average cost to build a home in Arizona (2014)? If you have a question for Wednesday’s reader question series then contact me! This question is well-timed. Since we are thinking of building a home this question is going to be […] Read More

Bee’s Rock Giveaway | Native Pollinators

Scroll down if to see the giveaway entry box! Read on to get some tips on attracting native pollinators and growing wildflowers. Native pollinators are so important for your homestead. You need them in your garden and for your trees (and cactus for those of you in Arizona!). If you are a beekeeper then you […] Read More

Free Seeds by Mail – Organic and GMO Free!

Free seeds by mail!! And they are free organic seeds to make this deal even better. Groundswell International just launched their second annual Free Seeds by Mail seeds campaign and you can be a part of it! Last year they sent out free seed packets (I ended up with cucumbers). This year (2014) they are […] Read More