Red Wigglers vs Earthworms in Compost

I promised a post on Red Wigglers vs Earthworms in my Vermicomposting post and here it is! Vermicomposting is composting using worms and there is definitely a difference between red wigglers vs earthworms in vermicomposting. When I lived in the midwest and heard “worm” the first thing that came to mind was the large earthworms […] Read More

Using a Compost Barrel Tumbler

Composting is one of the best things you can do for your homestead. It is a great way to both recycle and create free fertilizer for your garden. Using a compost barrel tumbler is just one of the excellent ways you can make healthy, free, compost. There are lots of ways to compost. Here are […] Read More

Top Ten Pint Size Farm Posts in 2014

Here are the top ten Pint Size Farm posts from 2014! If you missed one, here is your chance to catch up: 10. Self-Sufficient Living: How to Generate Passive Income Passive income has got to be the best income! Income for not really doing… well, anything. In order to generate it you usually need to […] {Take Me to the Top 10 Posts!}

The Comprehensive Guide to Composting: An Infographic

Composting is one of the best things you can do for your homestead and, of course, your garden! Many thanks to for providing this infographic on composting! I have a how to start vermicomposting post for those of you who would like to produce compost faster using worms. This infographic is for “regular” composting. […] Read More

What Carnivores Manure Should you Avoid in a Garden

It is time for this weeks reader question. If you have a question you would like me to answer then contact me. This weeks question is what carnivores manure should you avoid in your garden/compost. The short answer is avoid ALL carnivore manure in your garden (including dog and cat). The long answer is that […] Read More

Mealworm Frass as Fertilizer – Reader Question

This weeks reader question is can mealworm frass be used as fertilizer? The short answer is mealworm frass fertilizer is great for your garden. Mealworm Frass Fertilizer Explanation Mealworm frass is the leftover material after you clean your setup. It is mostly mealworm poop, although it might also have some bedding, food, and eggs included […] Read More