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Bathroom Recycling Tips – Living Green

Bathroom recycling tips are super important because research has shown that it is an area that is easily forgotten. Personal care products like shampoo and lotion bottles, toilet paper rolls, and toothpaste and soap boxes are significantly less likely to be recycled than kitchen products, but it is just as easy to drop these bathroom […] {Click Here to See More!…}

Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

As promised in the saving energy with a clothesline post, here is my homemade laundry detergent recipe. There are lots of ideas out there for a great homemade laundry detergent recipe (and I have tried what seems like all of them). I wasn’t thrilled with liquid, many powders were hard to make (not the one […] Read More

Programmable Thermostat vs. The Nest

Does the Nest save more than a programmable thermostat I am rehashing this previous reader question because of a follow-up question brought to me on twitter. We have owned our Nest Thermostat for over a year now so I was able to go through our old bills and tell you exactly how much money the […] {Click Here to See the Post!}

Top Ten Pint Size Farm Posts in 2014

Here are the top ten Pint Size Farm posts from 2014! If you missed one, here is your chance to catch up: 10. Self-Sufficient Living: How to Generate Passive Income Passive income has got to be the best income! Income for not really doing… well, anything. In order to generate it you usually need to […] {Take Me to the Top 10 Posts!}

How to Clean a Bathroom (the Natural Way)

I love a clean bathroom. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it from a positive light), I hate chemicals and the chemical smell that comes with them. I also hate having those chemicals in my house while I have little ones running around. The only thing easier than trying to find a safe or […] {Click Here to See the Post!}

Rainwater Harvesting | How to Collect Rain

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to get free water for your homestead. It also helps with your water bill (especially here in Arizona) and if you are in a state that gets more rain then it will help keep it from draining into your (or your neighbor’s) yard or basement. I came across this […] {Click Here to see the Infographic!}