Saving Energy

Programmable Thermostat vs. The Nest

Does the Nest save more than a programmable thermostat I am rehashing this previous reader question because of a follow-up question brought to me on twitter. We have owned our Nest Thermostat for over a year now so I was able to go through our old bills and tell you exactly how much money the […] {Click Here to See the Post!}

Top Ten Pint Size Farm Posts in 2014

Here are the top ten Pint Size Farm posts from 2014! If you missed one, here is your chance to catch up: 10. Self-Sufficient Living: How to Generate Passive Income Passive income has got to be the best income! Income for not really doing… well, anything. In order to generate it you usually need to […] {Take Me to the Top 10 Posts!}

Win a Solar Power System from Sun Power #WinSolar

Some of my most popular posts are on solar power. The cost of solar power can be expensive, but it is cheaper in the long run (always a good strategy for sustainable living). I prefer purchasing a solar power over leasing, but winning one would be even better! If you are looking into solar power […] Read More

All American Sun Oven and Dehydrator Kit

The All American Sun Oven with Dehydrator Kit retails for $399, but can currently be found on Amazon for $324. It is rated a 4.6 out of 5 with 53 reviews! It would be a great addition to any homestead and would even work for apartment homesteaders if you have a sunny balcony. Benefits to […] Read More

How to Use a Thermal Cooker plus a Giveaway!

It’s a giveaway extravaganza! Perfect for just before the holiday season starts to make you go crazy. The first giveaway is a Saratoga Jack Thermal Cooker. This is a great preparedness and sustainability item. It works like a slow cooker and comes with two stainless steel pans with one lid that fits right inside of […] {Take Me to the Giveaway!…}

Ten Tips for Saving Money Heating your Home

Here in Arizona we do not need to use much heat (these tips almost completely wipe out my heating bill – we average less than $15/month for gas, which is our hot water and heat and our customer charge is $11). We moved here from Kansas City though and I grew up in central Illinois […] {Time to See the Tips!…}