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Declutter Kid’s Clothes: How Much? How To?

When trying to figure out how to declutter kid’s clothes the big question that always comes up is… just how much do they need? Never fret, the decluttering challenge has you covered! Here is how to figure out how much your child needs when it is time for you to declutter kid’s clothes. Closets are […] Read More

Make your Own Barbie and Doll Furniture | DIY Christmas

Christmas is coming so it is time to start looking at personal, homemade, Christmas gifts. DIY Barbie furniture (and doll furniture like in the book above, which can be found here) is an excellent gift for the young girls in your life. Some Homemade Christmas Ideas I love these hand warmers for the adults in […] Read More

What Are Contour Cloth Diapers (and How do you Use Them?)

Using cloth diapers can save you lots of money and is a great step towards being self-sufficient. You don’t need to go to a store every week to buy more diapers and if SHTF you know that your baby will always have diapers. What Are Contour Cloth Diapers Contour cloth diapers will cost you $230-$850 […] Read More

Creating a Pet Vet Center For Kids

I love preschool age kiddos! One of the best things to do with preschoolers are “centers”. A center is an area where they can focus on one thing (those of you who are currently dealing with the toddler/preschool age know the importance of this!). You can make a book center (lots of fun picture books […] Read More