Reader Questions

#Cost of Raising #Chickens in 2014 – #Reader #Question

One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the cost of raising chickens in 2014 (in general and Arizona). The short answer is below and if you want to see the explanation it is below that. Using averages for the whole country it costs: $8-10 to raise a bantam chick to […] Read More

How Many Bags of #Soil to get 12 Cubic Feet – #Reader #Question

Today’s question is how many bags of soil do you need to fill an area that is 12 cubic feet? The short answer is it depends on their size. Here is the explanation: Most bags of soil are sold in 1 cubic feet sizes, but they are sometimes sold in three cubic foot size. To […] Read More

Can you Start an #Indoor #Worm #Bin with #Redworms You Catch After a #Rainstorm?

Today’s question is: Can you start an inside worm bin using red worms you catch after a rainstorm? The short answer is no, and here is why: Worms you catch after a rainstorm are not actually red wiggler worms, but instead they are dew worms. Dew worms are great for your garden so it is a […] Read More