Sunday Sum-Up

Pint Size Farm Update | May 4th

It has been a pretty long week. Hubby is working some long hours (they are short staff right now) so he is getting home around 6:30 each night (leaves about 6:00 each morning). Since he has Tues/Wed weekends he hardly gets to see our oldest right now. It is almost summer though so that should […] Read More

Pint Size Farm Update | Get Ready for Clutter Challenge

I hope everybody had a great Easter! I took a week off blogging for the Easter break. Hubby had to work again (people love going to the zoo on holidays) so we went to the zoo as well and met him for lunch. The kids did an Easter egg hunt at the park and at […] Read More

This Week at Pint Size Farm

It was a non-eventful week at Pint Size Farm. We are still waiting to hear from the bank to see if our offer on the land was accepted or not. Two of my kiddos and my husband were sick this week so that was no fun! Our rose bush out front has gone crazy and […] Read More

Pint Size Farm Homestead Update 4/5

This was a long week! When our HOA cracked down on backyard chickens we decided we needed to build our homestead from scratch. It is going to be fun and nerve-racking at the same time! We will be helping our neighbors fight to allow backyard chickens in the HOA so you will be seeing some […] Read More

Sunday Sum Up | Pint Size Farm 3/14

The weather is warming up! We still need some rain, but it looks like we are going to be out of luck this year. I started my potatoes today. I am trying a potato bin and I am growing them in straw (I had a ton of straw leftover from when I mulched the new […] Read More

HOA’s and Chickens | Weekly Sum-Up for Pint Size Farm

This has been a frustrating week for me! For those of you who do not know, I do live in an HOA (and yes, HOA’s discourage chickens). Somebody decided they would like chickens the “right way” and decided to bring it up to the board. Well, to change the vote we need 68% of all […] Read More