Backyard Vacation Ideas for Spring Break

Sometimes leaving the homestead is tough. When I planned my chicken coop I added some vacation ready coop features, but when that is not enough it is time to think outside the box. These backyard vacation ideas can be a lot of fun for a family (especially the kids) and you can plan one, of […] Read More

Cloth Christmas Paper | Wrapping Gifts with Furoshiki

I have been wrapping Christmas gifts with cloth wrapping paper for over seven years now! The first year I only wrapped about 1/3 of our gifts using cloth. The next year a little more and I have only been using cloth for the past five years. I have even switched over our family birthday and […] Read More

Ultimate Virtual Cookie and Goodies Party!

Welcome and come on in to the Ultimate Virtual Cookie & Goodies Party And Giveaway! #Ultimatecookieparty We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best and most fun virtual party you will attend this season! Over the next 13 days we want you to share your absolute Best Cookie and Goodie […] Read More

Free Customized Disney World Maps

Since we are going to Disney World in October I had to share this deal! Free customized maps (for anybody). You can use them to highlight your favorite attractions (or ones you want to see). Click on the banner to see the deal […] Read More

Top 100+ Homestead Posts | Homesteading Homeacre Hop

I hope everybody is having a great week! There were lots of wonderful homesteading posts last week, thanks for sharing. I hope you have more to share this week (and the time to read a few!) […] Read More

Gardening Quote of the Week

I like gardening – it’s a place I find myself when I need to lose myself. -Alice Sebold […] Read More