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Christmas furoshiki gifts

I have been wrapping Christmas gifts with cloth wrapping paper for over seven years now! The first year I only wrapped about 1/3 of our gifts using cloth. The next year a little more and I have only been using cloth for the past five years. I have even switched over our family birthday and special occasion gifts to cloth wrapping paper.

  • Cloth wrapping paper saves money because you can reuse it year to year. You can find Christmas material for 50-60% off during the Christmas season and up to 90% off afterwords (although you have to be fast!).
  • Cloth wrapping paper saves a ton of garbage. This is my favorite part about cloth wrapping paper. I never realized the sheer amount of trash created by opening Christmas gifts until it wasn't there anymore.
  • Cloth wrapping paper looks great! The presents are bright and there are many different patterns. Some have tinsel worked in, some have sequins, some are just solid colors. I have cotton, silk, and even a few flannel ones.
  • Cloth wrapping paper is super easy to do. See the tutorial before for tips on sewing it and wrapping with it.

How to Sew Cloth Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Squares: Cut the fabric in squares (varying sizes, but try to keep it square because squares are easier to fold when wrapping ). Hem around the outside (hand sewing is fine, a machine will be faster).Cloth wrapping paper

Christmas bags: Fold the fabric so the design is facing in and then sew the two open sides. Hem the third open side (the opening of the bag). Then flip it so the design is facing outward and you have a gift bag!

Christmas Bandanas: Buy a Christmas bandana! Hobby Lobby carries them (regular price is $1.27). Furoshiki cloth wrappingThere are many Christmas prints and they are already a good size square that does not need to be sewn. They will go on clearance with all of the other Christmas items. The package with the penguin tag is a bandanna. You can also find tons of prints and colors at Amazon for as little as $0.40 each when you buy them in bulk.

How to Fold Cloth Christmas Paper (Furoshiki)

The art of folding cloth paper is also called furoshiki. If you made a sack then just put your item in and tie the top with ribbon.

Furoshiki Fold – If you have a flat then there are a few different folds you can make. This page Green Christmas paperhas many of the traditional folds. The green package with the Christmas tree tag is tied using the second fold on that chart. The green stripe package (at the top of the post) with the red ornament tag was tied using the first fold on the chart.

Furoshiki Christmas wrappingThe Burrito Fold – put your item at the edge of the cloth, make one fold toward the opposite side, fold in the sides and continue the fold to the edge. Tie the package using ribbon in a T-pattern (wrap it all the way around the package and then twist it and wrap it the other direction). Tie a bow at the top! The package with the green ornament “Daddy” tag was made using the Burrito Fold.

The Bow Fold – put your item at the edge of the the cloth and roll it to the other edge. Green Christmas tagsTake the two loose ends and pull them together to the center of the package and tie them with ribbon. Fan the material out so it looks like a large bow. You can also do this fold starting the item at one corner and fold to the other corner. A corner to corner fold will result in a smaller “bow” but it will hold a larger item. The blue snowman package with the red ornament tag on it was wrapped with the bow fold.

Green Christmas Gift Tags

How do you mark your packages if you can't use stickers! Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn's, and many other “craft” stores sell wood ornament kits that you can personalize. These are perfect for tags! They range from $0.35-$0.99 each before discounts and you can use them again the next year.

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