Creating a Pet Vet Center For Kids

Vet Office Center - check-in forms (laminated so they can be written on with a dry-erase marker) at

Vet Office Center – check-in forms (laminated so they can be written on with a dry-erase marker) at

I love preschool age kiddos! One of the best things to do with preschoolers are “centers”. A center is an area where they can focus on one thing (those of you who are currently dealing with the toddler/preschool age know the importance of this!). You can make a book center (lots of fun picture books with some comfy reading spots), an art center (paper, crayons, some framed kids drawings), puppet center (puppets, a stage, some chairs for the audience), and one of my favorites… imagination play centers! I have made “real” imagination play centers like a doctors office or restaurant and “pretend” ones like a pirates ship and the kids love both types.

When we de-cluttered the kids toys I still kept most of my center stuff because it works so well! Keep the key parts of your center in a small rubbermaid container and you will be able to rotate the center each week.

Vet Office Preschool Center

One of my latest centers was a Vet office and it was a big hit. You can easily create your own Vet office using the following supplies:

  • An check-in office (a fake phone and a small desk with a writing pad/crayon or dry erase marker (if your age kiddo can be trusted with a dry-erase marker)
  • A grooming center (I used a box for a bath, towel to dry, an old shower head/sprayer, a soap box, and a brush)
Bath center - bath, towel, soap, shower head, brush. Details at

Bath center – bath, towel, soap, shower head, brush.

  • An exam room (some first aid supplies, cloth bandages, thermometer, kids doctors kit stethoscope and syringe, an exam form – I laminated these and allow them to use a dry erase pen to write notes)
Vet office exam room supplies, bandages, scale, medicine, cotton swabs, and cotton balls. Details at

Exam Room Supplies

  • An X-Ray room (one of my favorites, a box marked “X-Ray” with some pre-made X-rays. You can make X-rays using black poster paper and white paint or chalk or you can just print pictures out.
    Vet Center X-ray machine. Details at

    X-Ray Machine

  • A feeding area (bowls, pretend food)

Vet Office Printables

I used Teachers Pay Teachers to find my printables for this center. The exact ones I used can be found here. Beware, this is an addicting site with some amazing materials! You can also easily make your own or find free ones. The set on Teachers Pay Teachers is cheap and included everything I was looking for. I did laminate everything so it could be written on and erased.

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