Chicken Disclosure

I am a blogger, which just means I like to write.  It may sound cliche, but I also like to help people.  Maybe it’s the oldest child in me, maybe it’s the fact that I wanted to be a teacher and I became a scientist instead.  Scientists aren’t real, umm, social.  I love to get those emails and comments from people letting me know that I helped them or that they have a kiddo the same age as mine or that they started a blog that is about the same stuff.  I just love to meet people (even if it is online) and find out new things about them.

Then came the realization that blogging takes TIME and you could even make a little MONEY to help make up for that time.

I do make money on my blogs.  I make some from advertising, a little from affiliate programs (thank you to those of you who shop and click through my blog!), a little through review posting, and I also on occasion get a free product.

If I do receive something for free then I always have and always will let you know.  I will also occasionally tell you about something I purchased or traded for.  Everything I say is my own opinion.

Thank you for supporting me!