Earn Online Cash: March REAL Cash Update

I've been super busy this month and I haven't had a chance to update my homestead on a dime challenge earn online cash earnings from last month, so here it is! I love to hear how you guys are doing to so be sure to connect.

Earn online cash  - EXACTLY how much I made last month (and how) at PintSizeFarm.com

Earn online cash – EXACTLY how much I made last month (and how) at PintSizeFarm.com

This year I challenged you to earn an extra $600-$1800 extra by spending 10-60 minutes a day to earn online cash. I did great in March (although I will have a smaller April since I have been too busy to do any more than 10 minutes a day and there have even been a few days I missed that). I never count my money until it is in my hand. This month I had a little bit of cash and a little bit of Amazon gift cards.

Remember to think of your long-term goals. Earning a few dollars a day might seem like nothing, but it all adds up. What will you do with an extra $1500 at the end of the year? Most of the sites have options between checks, paypal, and gift cards. I like checks, but I love gift cards. If you go with Amazon gift cards then you can save them in your account until you want to spend them. Nothing beats watching that balance grow until you get something expensive you really wanted. Remember, long-term goals!

I can't wait to see how you did in March on the homestead on a dime challenge. Here is how I did:

Earn Online Cash with Swagbucks

The first homestead on a dime site is swagbucks. If you are new or would like a re-cap on how to make money online with Swagbucks, go here to see how to make money online with swagbucks. Swagbucks is my highest earning site with a goal of $30-$80 each month.

I earned $75 at Swagbucks in March and I redeemed all of it for Amazon gift cards.

Earn Online Cash with Cashcrate

Cashcrate is one of the smaller sites, but I spend less than a minute on it each month so it the time spent is worth the extra money. Long-term goals means every little bit counts! Go to the post on how to make money online with Cashcrate if you are new or would like a re-cap. My goal each month for Cashcrate is $5-$20.

I earned $22.33 with Cashcrate this month. I always post a picture of my check via social media so if you would like to see that then head over to my facebook page.

Earn Online Cash with Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash has lots of potential so it is my second biggest make money online site (behind Swagbucks) Head to the post on how tomake money online with Fusion Cash if you are new or would like a re-cap. My goal with Fusion Cash is $10-$40/month.

I made $41.24 with Fusion Cash this month. I posted a screenshot of the paypal deposit on facebook (and on the Fusion Cash forum because they give you a $1 bonus when you do that) and also on my twitter feed.

Earn Online Cash with IRazoo

IRazoo is my smallest site, but when trying to earn online cash, every little bit counts. It is a fast site so the little that I make is worth the minute or two I spend each day. Head to the post on how to make money online with IRazoo if you are new or would like a re-cap. In my earn online cash posts I show you exactly how to earn extra money, step by step. My goal with IRazoo is $2-$5/month.

I did not make anything with IRazoo last month.

Earn Online cash with Bing Rewards Program

Bing Rewards Program is the easiest site to make money with. There are a list of daily tasks and no other options. I finish it each day and redeem when I can. Head to the post on how to make money online with Bing Rewards if you are new or would like a re-cap. My goal for Bing Rewards is 5-$10/month.

I earned $10 in Amazon gift cards from Bing Rewards in March.

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Earn Online Cash Summary

This month my earn online cash total was $80 in Amazon gift cards and $63.57 in cash for a total of $140.57.

I have been super busy in April so I am expecting a lower month. I have not reached most my swagbucks daily goals (which means I will start the month with much smaller earn online cash bonuses). I am doing pretty good for the year though so I should be fine with a slightly lower month.

  • The Goal for the Year: $620-$1860
  • So Far in 2015: $325.57

Learning to earn online cash is different than a normal job. You do not have to commute (or even leave your house). You can do it in your pajamas or in front of the TV. Ten minutes a day is the minimum time you should spend. I spend 10 minutes in the morning and I try to spend another 30 minutes in the afternoon. The best way to earn money is to do it daily, but it doesn't have to be long. The daily bonuses add up (faster than trying to get a lot of money one day then forgetting about it for a week). Start with ten minutes a day and add time as you see fit.

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