Bing Rewards Program: How to Earn Money

Stop!!  I do not recommend the Bing Rewards Program anymore.

Try one of the other sites (seen below) or the main Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post can be found here.

You can earn $1500 extra a year at home! Step 5 - Bing Rewards Program. Found at

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015

STOP!!! I can no longer in good faith recommend the Bing Rewards Program!

The bing rewards program is a great way to earn a steady stream of money. It is the fifth (and last) site in my homestead on a dime challenge.

I absolutely do not recommend the Bing Rewards Program anymore. Try one of the other sites (seen below), the Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post can be found here.

And on to the final site… Bing Rewards Program!

Learn How to Earn with Bing Rewards Program (no longer recommended!)

Bing Rewards program is another easy addition to the online money site round-up. It is very consistent and pretty fast. You will not need to spend any extra time on the site because there is nothing to do except for your daily tasks (all of the sites daily tasks can be done in 10 minutes once you know what you are doing).

In the First Ten Minute Session (for the Bing Rewards Program):

  • Search until you max the available points for the day
  • Click on any bonus pages

Need More Bing Rewards Program Details?

  • When you search with the Bing Reward Program a list of “Related Searches” will come up. You can click those and it will count as a new search. It is a fast way to get through all the searches you need for the day.
Bing Rewards Program instructions found at

Click “Related Searches” if you don't have anything specific you are looking for!

In order to make the most of the Bing Rewards Program you need to get to Gold Status!!!

Once you are “gold status” it is pretty easy to keep (just make 150 searches each month and since you are paid for more than that it is easy to reach). But, it takes a little while to get to gold. When you are gold you can redeem your prizes for less points and there might be some other bonuses (I am always getting bing rewards program bonuses for being a member for so long or for my birthday, etc – I don't know if those are offered to everybody or only gold members).

Here is what you need to do:

  • Complete the Welcome to Bing Rewards Program tour (it will be on the first page when you sign up)
  • Earn 200 points
  • Redeem an award (I redeemed a 15 point sweepstakes entry because it was a “cheap” way to make it to Silver)

After you do those three things you will get a bonus 50 points and you will have to go for gold by:

  • Earn 750 points (lifetime, so your earlier 200 and bonus 50 will count towards this)

Don't redeem for anything until you reach gold because your prizes are less. For example, you can get a $5 Amazon card for 475 points instead of 525.

Bing Rewards Program Mobile Bonus

  • Access the Bing Rewards program from the mobile site and you can get a bonus 10 points each day from searching there.
I make an extra $1500/year and you can too. Step 5 - Bing Rewards Program. Instructions found at

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015

A Few other Bing Rewards Program Tips:

  • Bing is another site that is slow but steady. It takes almost no time to complete the daily tasks that it should not be overlooked.
  • You will be able to make $5-$10 a month with the Bing Rewards program

Homesteading on a Dime Sum-Up:

  • $30-$80/month with Swagbucks
  • $10-$40/month with Fusion Cash
  • $5-$20/month with Cashcrate
  • $5-$10/month with Bing Rewards
  • $2-$5/month with IRazoo

=$624-$1860 extra each year for 10-60 minutes of “work” each day.

Be sure to join me on twitter (I post Swag codes, wins, and prize redemptions), Facebook (I post prize redemptions and checks), and here on my blog and email newsletter (I will give you a monthly update on how I am doing).

I love to hear reader stories. If you have tips you would like to share then please do. Keep yourself accountable, it is worth it!

  • Reply Elizabeth February 23, 2016, 10:38 pm

    Why don’t you recommend bing anymore? What happened?

    • Reply Heidi February 28, 2016, 12:07 am

      I was banned. Now, stuff happens with these sites sometimes, but I have used many “money” sites for many years so I tend to know what goes and what doesn’t. They refused to tell me what was done (why I was banned) and were quite rude about it. I am pretty well versed in these types of sites and I have never been banned from one and I have dealt with customer service (for other reasons) on other sites and they were never this nasty (actually I have never had another site’s CS be nasty at all!). Being that I have no idea why I was banned I can’t really tell you how to use the site without risk of being banned yourself. I used it no differently than my other sites and had referred many people at the time that they kicked me off. If you just use it to log in every once in a while then I think you would be safe, but you wouldn’t make much from it. If you are loyal, using it everyday, referring people, entering their contests, and opening their email each day like I was then you will make some extra money but run the risk of them deciding you are using it too much and kicking you off. Honestly, it is weird, most sites want loyal customers, but I don’t think that is what Bing was hoping for.

      So, sum up… I just can’t recommend a site when I don’t know how to use it without being banned. And, I can’t recommend a site that has customer service as nasty as all that. There are lots of other options! I found a new one to replace Bing and it is turning out to be a really good one. It is InstaGC and I’ll get a tutorial up for it when I update these posts for 2016!
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