Earning Money with iRazoo | 2015 Challenge

How I earn an extra $1500/year. Step 4: iRazoo. It's simple, you can do it to! Found at www.PintSizeFarm.com

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015

If you need to start at the beginning, the Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post can be found here.

and now to our fourth site… IRazoo!

Learn How to Earn with IRazoo

You will not be able to reach the high earnings on IRazoo like you can with Fusion Cash or Swagbucks. But, IRazoo is fast and consistent and it will help boost your earnings for a minute or two of work. Don't expect a whirlwind from this one, but I can guarantee that it will add up, slowly but surely. Besides, ultimately, long-term goals are what we are looking for here!

In The First Ten Minute Session

  • Search until you get a win. Generally I will get a win within the first 10 searches with IRazoo! It will be for 15-300 points.
  • Click on offers. 5 point bonus
  • Click on videos. 1 point bonus
  • Check facebook for a treasure code and enter it (they post one almost everyday, each good for one day). 15-30 points
  • Don't forget the Swagbucks, Cashcrate, and Fusion Cash daily tasks! If you are going over the 10 minutes do not stress about it. You will get faster and I guarantee it can be done in less than ten minutes. It just takes a little practice.
Treasure codes are posted almost daily at iRazoo. Part of homesteading on a dime challenge found at www.PintSizeFarm.com

Enter a Treasure Code found on the iRazoo Facebook Page

Need More Details?

  • The top bar has an “Earn Points” tab, that is where you can find offers and videos. Both give a daily bonus
  • The treasure code will always be the first post that comes up on facebook. If you don't see it then it isn't there that day. Click on “Earn Points” then “Treasure Code” to enter it.

In your Second Session

Just don't. Really! Spend your time at Swagbucks and Fusion Cash. Even Cashcrate has some good paying offers you can run. But, I wouldn't spend too much of your extra time at IRazoo.

I'm telling you this because at IRazoo 6 points is worth a penny. That means their videos, games, and tasks pay less than Fusion Cash or Swagbucks. And, I have not figured how to run videos back to back, like Swagbucks, or in the background, like Fusion Cash and Cashcrate (and both of those sites pay a lot more for a video).

If you want, use their search engine a couple more times in a day. I've done that before (later in the afternoon and sometimes at night) and almost always get another fairly quick win. I've never tried for more than three search wins in a day.

iRazoo can help you earn $1500 extra a year... seriously! See the other sites that do it to. Found at www.PintSizeFarm.com

iRazoo is a great (quick) addition to the 2015 Challenge

A Few Other Tips

  • It sounds like I'm down on IRazoo, but I'm not! Remember, long-term gains. Searching, making 2 bonus clicks, and entering a freebie treasure code will take you less than a minute once you know where to click. Occasionally you will get a big win or a big treasure code. It is still worth it!
  • You should be able to bring in $2-$5/month with IRazoo depending on if you search 1, 2, or 3 times in a day.

How are you doing so far? Here is a sum-up on how to put the four sites together in your ten minute run:

1. Open Swagbucks and use that to search for the other sites. Open tabs for each of them (Cashcrate, IRazoo, Fusion Cash). If you get a search win go back to the main page, if not keep it open. (1 minute)

2. Do the Paid to Click at Fusion Cash. While the timer is counting down… (30 seconds)

3. Go to Cashcrate and check in. If there are bonus videos start one and head back to Fusion Cash. No videos, close the tab. (30 seconds)

4. Head to IRazoo, search for a win, get your two bonuses, get the treasure code, close the page. (1 1/2 minutes)

5. Go back to Fusion Cash to finish the Paid to Click, start a video, and search for 20 terms. Need ideas? Search for things that start with A… B… etc, or let the first search result give you your next search idea. (2 minutes)

6. If you did not get the win for Swagbucks go back and search some more. Finish the daily Swagbuck “to do's” and if you have any extra time do some more videos at Fusion Cash and/or Cashcrate. (2 minutes)

And… you just made about $0.75 in 7 minutes.

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