Earning with Cashcrate | 2015 Challenge

Make an extra $1500/year - step 2. Cashcrate Homesteading on a Dime challenge found at PintSizeFarm.com

Homesteading on a Dime Challenge 2015

If you need to start at the beginning, the Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post can be found here. We just learned how Swagbucks works (and hopefully you have been trying them out for the past few days).

Click here to see the Swagbucks tutorial again! We are going to add our second site today… Cashcrate!

Time to add Cashcrate!

Cashcrate is an easy site to add, because there is not much to do. Remember, the goal is a little each day that adds up to a lot!

In your first ten minute session:

  • Click on “check in”. You will get $0.03 and if you check in everyday you will get an additional $0.50 at the end of the month.
  • Watch any bonus videos, they will credit at $0.02/video, although they only are available occasionally (lots of videos can be available when they do come up). You can do this in a new window or tab while you are doing other things.
  • Do your Swagbuck 10 minute tasks too!

You can have separate tabs open and many of these things can be done at the same time (you can have a bonus Cashcrate video going while you are clicking through the NOSO on Swagbucks for example).

Make an extra $1500 a year using online sites. This introduction is for Cashcrate, found at PintSizeFarm.com

Check-in and look for bonus videos, surveys, or offers you want to complete

In your Second Session:

I actually do not do much (if anything) on Cashcrate during my 30 minutes in the afternoon. Sometimes there is an easy offer or survey that I will complete to help me get to the next check, but the only thing I make sure I do everyday is check in and watch bonus videos. You can glance at the offers and surveys while you are doing that to see if there is something you want to fill out. If I can't watch all the bonus videos in the 10 minutes then I will go back and make sure I get them during my second 30 minutes.

Other Cashcrate Tips:

  • Use a separate email for sign ups. There are a lot of easy ways to make $1-$2 in the offers and surveys section, but many of them will require an email. Use hotmail or gmail to setup an email just for these. This way, if you get a lot of email spam then it is not going to your regular account. If you set up a separate account for Swagbucks offers then you can use the same one.
  • Cashcrate sends checks! Make sure your address is correct.
  • Check in, Videos, and an occasional easy offer or survey and you should bring in $5-$20 a month with Cashcrate. It's no Swagbucks, but it still adds up and you really can finish in minutes.
  • Cashcrate will also run contests! Like Swagbucks, it is a good idea to keep an idea on their “news” section (just below check in). In January they ran a contest to see who could win the most using surveys. 40 people win extra money, the top person will get $60. They keep an updated leaderboard so you can see how close you are.

Ready for the next site? Practice your Cashcrate and Swagbucks skills and get ready to add Fusion Cash to the mix on Sunday!

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