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family game night

Family game night can be fun with GOOD games

When things start to get busy it seems as though family time is the first thing to take the hit. You get home and you are tired, have a million things to do, you sit down on the couch… before you know it a couple hours has passed and it is time to put the kids down to bed. It's the darn couch (or the darn TV)!

If you are like me, if something is scheduled you are much more likely to remember it and follow through. Enter “game night”. Each week we schedule one evening designated “game night”. I know it is coming up. Dinner is a little bit earlier and we decide on a game to play as a family. Generally we hear quite a bit more about my son's day (even though he swore he didn't remember any of it at dinnertime) and the kids look forward to it all week.

My husband and I try to play lots of games. I enjoy “real” games (almost all games you can find at Target are excluded from that list, but occasionally they have a good one). I find that “game night” sparks more conversation than “movie night”. And although I enjoy an occasional movie night, I try not to ever get in the habit of watching lots of TV with my husband or my kiddos. Television does not spark much conversation in our house. I believe that conversation is always good, between kids and parents or just the parents!

I do love my games! We purchase most of our games from specialty stores (they can almost always also be found on amazon) and we have tried a ton! If you want to get some new ideas for your own family game night then check out my “reviews” then “family game night” category. I also try to keep up with putting my reviews directly on Amazon. I will slowly go through the games that I have and let you know how we fared. One of our new fun options is Fearsome Floors, which is a huge hit.

What other things do you do to spend time with your family?

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