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Fearsome Floors

Fearsome Floors is an excellent family game night game!

I love family game night. It is a good tradition that allows us to spend spend some fun time as a family. If we get busy it reminds us to stop what we are doing and spend an hour playing. It's easy to get caught up with things we “have to do” and that can make us neglect things we should be doing.

That said, I find many family or children games BORING. Trivia is never good with kids and if it is easy enough for a kiddo then it generally is not fun for an adult. Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory…. they get old, fast.

We have tons of games, seriously. We tend to purchase our games at specialty stores so we have lots that you would normally not see. Good games, fun games, games that even “non-gamers” can enjoy. We recently purchased a large lot of new games and have been slowly going through them. We found the BEST game for family game night… enter Fearsome Floors!

Fearsome Floors

Fearsome Floors is by Rio Grande Games. It sells for $40, although it is on sale for $30 on Amazon right now. A note on that, generally our games are a little more expensive than the Milton Bradley games at Target, but compared to a night out it is still cheap and it will provide hours of entertainment! A good game makes a good family night!

Each game lasts 30-60 minutes and is for 2-7 players (there are not many games that can be played with 7 players so this is a great option for big families).

How to Play Fearsome Floors

It is a simple enough game that employs strategy as you learn it. You have four tokens (or three in a 5+ player game) and each are able to move 7 spaces every two turns. (1 space followed by 6, 2 followed by 5, 3 followed by 4, and 4 followed by 3). So, your “6” space person might be able to get far on a turn, but you need to be careful because that same piece will only be able to move 1 the following turn. The tokens are white on one side and black on the other. You move the spaces the token says then end your turn by flipping the token, very simple. You start on one corner of the board and are trying to make it to the other corner of the board. There are blocks you can hide behind, and blood pools you can slip on. Everybody makes their move, then the monster tokens are turned over and he moves (5-20 spaces), eating everybody in his path. If he sees a character in front, right, or left, he turns toward them. If he hits a block he pushes it. If he hits the wall he comes out on the other side, but not in the same line. You really have to pay attention to where he will end up.

There are many different monster options, which is fun for the kids. There are a few other variations you can use to change the game play (the other side of the blocks have pieces that make the monster turn, crystals he can see through, and there are teleport devices you can also add to the game).

This was a fun, quick game with my husband. I think a large group would be lots of fun! It is also a really fun game for kids. Even my three year old can count the spaces and loves to try to get away from the monster. It is very simple, but as you get better you can really add some strategy in.

I highly recommend this game! I posted this review on Amazon as well and if you liked this review you can hop over here to give me a “helpful” vote. Thanks!


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