Finding a Home Business that Works for YOU

You can find a home business that works for YOU

You can find a home business that works for YOU

The 9 Strategies for self-sufficient living are:

I decided to write this next article on starting a home business. You really do need a home business if you want to become self-sufficient. Having your own home business allows you to set your own hours and be more sure of where your next check is coming from. You can always “piggyback” on another home business model. This gets you experience with what you will have to do (taxes, expenses, customer service, etc). Companies like Avon, Scentsy, Mary Kay, and other home party businesses can help you get started. I enjoy blogging and recommend it to anybody who is a little computer savvy and willing to put in a lot of hours (or months, or years) before it starts paying off. Mystery shopping is another possibility (and one that I did for a while).

The first thing you try might not work out, but you will learn something. I learned something from each of my “flops” and used that to move to my next idea. Ever since I was twelve I knew I wanted to work for myself. At that impressionable age it seemed as though the people around me who worked for themselves were happy and the people who worked for “the man” were not. As I grew older I learned that it wasn’t always that black and white, but I still kept a glimmer of hope that one day I would find the business that worked for me.

·         I love helping people and doing promotions:

The first business I did on my own (not counting countless lemonade stands!) was selling Avon. I found that I loved the products, loved working the numbers, loved putting together promotions, loved helping my downline and area co-workers put together promotions that would increase their own sales, and I HATED having to sell to people. Even though I believed in the products and their prices; I still always felt as though people were doing me a favor by purchasing items from me.

·         Advertising is important:

A couple years later I decided to try my hand at a Hyenacart store. Those of you who are not familiar with Hyenacart, it is similar to Etsy (an online craft marketplace) only it is geared more specifically towards parents and natural living. I make all my own natural cleaners and I started selling both the cleaners and recipes through my new site. I liked it, but it seemed like even though I was constantly working on growing the site, the increase in sales never matched the work I put into it.

·         Stay in the right niche:

The next logical step for me was to increase sales by selling in a brick and mortar store. I rented space, set up a booth, and marketed my products. Unfortunately, the store started with mostly craft, parenting, and natural living items, but as time progressed it moved more towards the sale of garage sale and antique items. The clientele they were attracting was no longer conducive to my business and I had to pull shop.

·         Find what you love:

During most of this I was also blogging. A very kind mom contacted me and asked what I was making on my blog (umm… $0). She told me she thought I had great content that could be monetized and she helped me start. Sure enough, my blog grew exponentially in the next few months. I finally found the business that worked for me.

·         Look to the future:

On paper it looked like I had failed many times. But, if you look at it a different way you will find that it shows something else entirely. I learned. I found out I loved working with products, I loved working with numbers, and I loved helping people. I learned how to set up a website and the work that goes on behind the scenes and the importance of advertising. I learned how to brand and market products.

If you are looking for the perfect business opportunity, don’t give up hope and don’t be afraid to try new things! It might take you a few steps to get there, but you will be stronger when you find it.

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