Finding Bulk and Organic Food Deals on Amazon

I like to feed my family healthy foods. When possible, that means locally sourced food (my own backyard or a farmer's market). Sometimes that is not possible so I have to make other choices. We live 40 minutes from town so driving to Whole Foods isn't always an option! Locally, for us, Costco carries quite a few bulk and organic products that we use. If I want something that cannot be found around here then I always check Amazon.

You can actually find bulk and organic food deals on Amazon. For those of you who are far from town (like me), having it shipped to your house is an added bonus. Here are a few tips for finding the deals:

Cheap ways to find great deals on Amazon, even organic and bulk foods! Found at

Cheap Tricks for Amazon

***Use Subscribe and Save***

Subscribe and Save is an Amazon service where you can sign up for a reoccurring shipment of an item. Items like foods, diapers, and household products might offer subscribe and save. Usually it will save you about 15%.

Changed your mind about the next shipment? No problem! It's easy to change your subscribe and save options:

  • Just go to “Your Account”
  • then “Manage Subscribe and Save Items”.

You can change them at any time, but if you change it right before or after your order then you will lose the discount.

***Check for Amazon Coupons***

Amazon offers quite a few coupons (especially organic foods).

Can't find the coupons? Here is a step by step:

  • Find the category you want – click on it
  • There is a menu at the top of the page (below the Amazon header, above the products). “Special Offers” is the option at the far right – click it.
  • Clip any coupon you think you might use and it will be automatically added at checkout.

Click here to see the current organic food coupons at Amazon.

***Use Prime Membership***

Prime membership will get you free shipping on your purchase (and if you are a primary member it also gives you free access to Amazon movies and kindle books).

  • Amazon Student (offers a free 30 day trial, but you can only use that once per year)
  • Amazon Prime (same 30 day trial as above)
  • Amazon Mom (included in the price of a prime membership. It gives you an additional 20% off diapers and member-exclusive coupons)

***Create a Registry***

If the organic item you need is related to your new baby (diapers, formula, lotions, etc) or a wedding then create an amazon baby or amazon wedding registry! You will get a 10-15% completion bonus (1 month before the event) and sometimes a few extra coupons.

Tip: You can add anything to your Amazon registry, even items from different sites. Amazon looks for a match on their site and if it doesn't exist they will link to the other site. It is a great way to keep track of unique products (like things on Etsy). Of course, the completion bonus is only for Amazon products.


With all of those tips you can easily end up with some of the organic or bulk products you need at deep discounts and shipped to your house for free!

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