Homesteading, Prepping, and Bushcraft

Are you a homesteader or a prepper?

Are you a homesteader or a prepper?

I recently became intrigued with the differences between homesteading and prepping. Although I would consider myself a homesteader, there seem to be a lot of overlaps. I found many different definitions online, but most seem to be overly hard on one group or the other. It doesn't help that our examples of preppers are the “doomsday” ones on reality TV or that our example of homesteaders are equally as extreme. TV just isn't as good when you watch normal people.

Inhabitat defines the difference between homesteaders and preppers as being primarily the reason behind it. Both have a drive towards self-sufficiency, but homesteaders have this drive because they want to get back to the land and away from corporations whereas preppers have this drive because they want to be prepared for whatever apocalypse might hit.

The best way to explain the definitions of homesteading and prepping is actually by adding one, bushcraft. Bushcraft is the link between homesteading and prepping.

Bushcraft is:

Skill in anything pertaining to bush country, as in finding one's way, hunting, or finding water (focus is on survival).

Prepping is:

Preparing and stocking for down-times (as small as a storm, or as large as the apocalypse). This usually refers to a preparation beyond the normal recommended 72 hour supply (focus is on protection/staying alive)

Homesteading is:

A focus on learning skills and crafts that allow you to move away from life ruled by corporations and live closer to the land (focus is on

You can get overlap because some of the bushcraft skills are also learned by homesteaders and some of the results of homesteading (canning) are used in prepping. What do you consider yourself to be?

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  • Reply John March 5, 2014, 3:48 pm

    Nice write up on the differences between homesteading and prepping. What made you interested in the difference between the two? I would say I am more of a prepper at this point, but absolutely see the need for other skills like homesteading and bushcraft.

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    • Reply Heidi March 5, 2014, 8:20 pm

      I was watching prepping shows and was frustrated that most the people just store stuff to get them through a certain time period. It struck me as odd and then I realized that was the difference, but there were a lot of similarities too. I get readers who focus on both.

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