How to Declutter your Home: Zones

Learn how to declutter your home

Zones make decluttering easy!

Learning how to declutter your home is not hard if you know a few tricks. One of the biggest tricks is using zones. Zones can help you learn how to declutter your home and they can also do a lot for helping you keep it that way.

For this year's decluttering challenge we are going to start at the beginning. If you are a newsletter subscriber then you can get out your worksheets. If not, then subscribe to my newsletter and get a copy of them or just follow along with the posts! Learn how to create a decluttering binder at the end of this post. The how to declutter your home worksheets will be put in every weekly newsletter until the decluttering challenge is over (and generally I will leave the links open for a little while after that).

How to Declutter your Home: Intro

Zones are the cornerstones for learning how to declutter your home. How it works is this: you split your home into sections (or zones) and then you have a little piece to work on each month. Once your home is decluttered you will have a nice organized way of going back over areas so nothing becomes too cluttered and regular maintenance tasks are not overlooked.

I use six zones. It is a nice round number and it means you will be going through every area of your house twice a year. This is also nice for the kids areas because you can schedule it so you are going through their clothes twice a year (before each season) at the same time as their room and toys. Nice and organized.

How to Declutter your Home: What are Zones

Your zones might be different than mine or your neighbors simply because of the way your home is setup and how you like to split it up. For example, the first year I made my zones I left out the storage room. I did that separately, a little at a time, because it was too large of an area to do in one month and I wanted the month for other rooms. By the second year I had decluttered the store room so I was ready to add it to the regular rotation.

You will want to keep some rooms together (it is easier to declutter all the bathrooms at the same time because you will know if you want to double up on certain items. Too many bottles of shampoo is too many bottles of shampoo even if you split them between three bathrooms!

Rule number one for how to declutter your home is… just because you have the space doesn't mean you need the junk.

How to Declutter your Home: Creating your Zones

  • Write down all the areas of your house. This will be rooms, closets (I include bedroom closets with the bedroom, but I list our game closet and coat closet separately), and if you want to include outdoor space it will also have your garage, storage areas, and sheds on the list.

Just so you can see what I mean. My home has a master bathroom, master bedroom, 2 kids rooms, hall bathroom, laundry room, coat closet, game closet, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage room, and carport.

  • Split those into 6 zones. Make them related and a good size. I tend to make one a little easier so on a busier month (December for example) I can schedule the easy zone. I also schedule the kids rooms together so changing the clothes for the season can be done at the same time as decluttering their room.

Here are my Zones so you can see what I mean

  • Zone One – Master Bedroom (and closet)
  • Zone Two – 2 (Kid) Bedrooms (and closets)
  • Zone Three – 2 Bathrooms
  • Zone Four – Kitchen
  • Zone Five – Dining room, Living Room, Laundry room
  • Zone Six – Storage room, carport

You can create zones for your own home and organize them in a way that will be helpful for you (if you do not want to bother with the garage yet then don't).

learning how to declutter your home doesn't have to be hard.

Don't despair!

How to Declutter your Home: The Benefit of Zones

Zones are for more than just decluttering. At the end you will also have a schedule for maintenance. After I declutter an area I also deep clean it. Things that do not need done often, but do need done occasionally will always be done this way.

A few examples:

  • Cleaning your dishwasher
  • Cleaning your washer
  • Dusting the vents
  • Stove cleaning
  • Drains
  • Baseboards, grout, tub, shower (okay some of those are a little more often than every six month, but you get the idea).

How to Declutter your Home: Task for this Week

So, for this week write down the areas of your  home and split them into six (related) zones. This weeks worksheets will help you do that. Worksheets will be available for the entire series. They are FREE for subscribers so subscribe here!

You can also create your declutter your home binder this week so it is ready to go for the duration of the challenge. As you get new worksheets you can print them off and add them to the binder. The binder is a great place to store information on regular home maintenance as well as keep you organized in your decluttering endeavors.

How to Declutter your Home: Binder

You will need three things plus the free worksheets.

If you do not have any of that at home you can pick it up at the store or the links are to Amazon. Prime member can have it shipped to their house and ready to go in 2 days for $15.75. The worksheets are free.

If you put the papers in the protectors (and the protectors in the 3 ring binder) you can keep everything organized. Even better, you can write on your papers using your dry erase marker and if you need to change something you can simply wash it off. It is especially nice for task lists (check them when you are down and then erase them for next time).

By the end of the challenge you will have your own organized how to declutter your home binder!

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