How to Fold Cloth Diaper Flats

I started going over all the different ways you can switch to reusable products and therefore have a more self-sustaining life. If you use re-usable products then you will no longer be dependent on the store to keep you stocked. Reusable products are easy to use and you will not be bringing as many chemicals in your house if you use them. Most of the time, reusable products are also cheaper (and not having an ongoing monthly cost will make it easier for you to live on a smaller month to month income).

The first cloth product I brought up was cloth diapers. If you have (or are planning on having) a baby, cloth diapers can save you a ton of money and headache. I went over prefolds and covers last week and this week I want to talk about flat cloth diapers and covers.

Flats (Cloth Diapers)

Flats are large squares of fabric that are folded into a diaper. They can be made out of Birdseye or hemp. Some flat diapers have designs and some are plain white or off-white. You will need a cover and snappi’s with flat diapers. Flats are a true “one size diaper” because they are folded to the babies size. You will only need one set the entire time your child is in diapers. They wash and dry very easily because it is a single layer. They also work really well if you travel because of the ease of cleaning. On the flip side, flats definitely have a learning curve because of the different folds.

Blueberry Diapers has some excellent photos showing you how to fold flat cloth diapers. You can practice on a doll or teddy bear. The origami flat cloth diaper fold is shown below. It provides a neat, trim coverage and allows you to fold the bulk of the diaper where you need it most.

how to fold a flat cloth diaper

How to fold a flat cloth diaper

The Cost of Flat Cloth Diapers

You will need around 12 flat cloth diapers if you want to wash everyday or 24 if you want to wash every other day. You can find tons of options on Amazon (click here to see flat cloth diapers). You have a choice between organic, patterns, white, slightly larger, and other options. They are sold in groups of 6 or 12 and the packages range from $12-$20. So, it will cost around $20 if you want to wash everyday or around $40 if you are going to wash every other day.

You will also need snappi's to keep the diapers closed. They are sold (on the same page as above) for only $13 for a set of 5.

Covers range from $5-$40 each depending on what you want. You will need 3-4 covers if you wash everyday, 4-6 if you wash every other day.

This is generally your cheapest option when it comes to cloth diapering your baby.

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