Nutrena Country Feed – Cheap Chicken Feed Experiment

nutrena country feed

My bantam hens averaged — lbs/week of Nutrena Country Feed

I am running a chicken feed experiment where I am calculating the average consumption for each type of feed (Purina, Big Sky, O'Nate, and Nutrena). My goal is to determine if lower quality feeds have a higher consumption rate and are wasted more (because of the fillers). The third feed I looked at is Nutrena Country Feed.

Nutrena Country Feed


  1. Wheat middlings
  2. Ground wheat
  3. Maize distillers dried grains with solubles
  4. Ground corn
  5. Grain screenings
  6. Calcium carbonate
  7. Corn germ meal
  8. Salt
  9. vitamins/trace

Nutrena Country Feed sells for $21.75 after tax here. That comes out to $0.435/lb. Bantam chickens should average 0.9 lbs/week, medium size hens should average 1.3 lbs/week, large dual-purpose hens should average 2.7 lbs/week.

Wheat middlings, maize distillers dried grains with solubles, and grain screenings are waste products after processing for human consumption. Nutrena does list ground wheat and ground corn as ingredients and although ground corn is  “buzz” ingredient now, it is the 4th item rather than the first in the ONate feed. Calcium carbonate is added for calcium (layer feed).

My bantam hens averaged 1.19 lbs/week of the Nutrena so it cost me $0.52/week each to feed them Nutrena Country Feed.

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