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Unfortunately my post link was not working for last weeks hop so I do not know the number submitted. I am going to feature the post I did last week since you could not get to her link. Each host features a different post each week (there are six of us) so you have a good chance at getting a feature.

How to Introduce Kids to a Green Lifestyle - featured post for the homeacre hop found at

How to Introduce Kids to a Green Lifestyle – featured post for the homeacre hop found at

The giveaway for a Laura Ingalls Wilder prize package is still going so make sure you enter if you have not already (ends April 24th). This week on Pint Size Farm I talked about

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Declutter Kid’s Clothes: How Much? How To?

When trying to figure out how to declutter kid’s clothes the big question that always comes up is… just how much do they need? Never fret, the decluttering challenge has you covered! Here is how to figure out how much your child needs when it is time for you to declutter kid’s clothes.

Stop the Laundry madness and learn to declutter kid's clothes! Found at

Stop the Laundry madness and learn to declutter kid’s clothes!

Closets are one of the most (if not the gold winner) cluttered areas of my home. Now, in the case of my own closet that is because I throw random things in it figuring I will find a place later… oops. That “place later” tends to be the trash can or giveaway box six months later when it is time to declutter that room. In the case of my kid’s closets… it is clothes and toys. But, every six months at least, I get it back under control and here is how.

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Backyard Vacation Ideas for Spring Break

Sometimes leaving the homestead is tough. When I planned my chicken coop I added some vacation ready coop features, but when that is not enough it is time to think outside the box. These backyard vacation ideas can be a lot of fun for a family (especially the kids) and you can plan one, of course, in your own backyard.

Backyard vacation ideas and tips. Have a frugal, fun spring break! Found at

A Backyard Vacation can be fun and frugal!

Spring break is coming up for many people and vacation is on our mind! These backyard vacation ideas are fun for the kids, frugal for the family, and does not cause stress if you have a busy homestead. Here are some tips for having a great backyard vacation.

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Ideal Backyard Chicken Coop Building Tips

Building your own ideal backyard chicken coop seems to require a lot of hard work when in fact there are already ready-made chicken coops for your feathery pets. Though there’s nothing wrong with purchasing ready-made ones, you could add a personal touch if you would make your own inside your backyard.

Tips to build an ideal backyard chicken coop. Found at

Use these tips to build an ideal backyard chicken coop!

You may think that building a chicken house would go on for a lot of weeks. It’s a house after all–but for chickens. However, you may lessen the amount of time you
need to build an ideal backyard chicken coop if you employ the right techniques. To easily accomplish your goal, here are a few tips to erect the most ideal chicken coop for your pets.

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Win a WonderMix Mixer and Meat Grinder

I am on a giveaway roll this month. The compost barrel tumbler just ended, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter one has a few more days, and now you can win a WonderMix Mixer and Meat Grinder. There are two more coming up soon (a seed starting kids book series including seeds and a made in America 72 hour bug out kit) so be sure follow me so you don’t miss out! I will be announcing the giveaways:

Win the WonderMix plus Meat Grinder Attachment found at

Win the WonderMix plus Meat Grinder Attachment

Good luck!

WonderMix Mixer and Meat Grinder Attachment

Now is your chance to win the WonderMix Mixer and meat grinder attachment. WonderMix is the company that makes one of the most popular grain mills.

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Organic Seed Starting Supplies

It is a lot cheaper to start your own seeds using organic seed starting supplies rather than buying organic plants later in the season. You do not need a huge seed starting setup to start your own plants. A small tabletop will work. You also do not need to run up your electric bill (although a little extra light will help your plants get a strong start). Since my post on GMO vs. Heirloom plants is so popular I know organic is the way many people want to go. All you need to do is focus on starting strong plants. Strong plants fight off disease more easily. Here is how I start seeds using organic seed starting supplies.

You do not need conventional fertilizers and tricks. Here is how to start strong plants for an organic garden using organic seed starting supplies. Found at www,

Organic Seed Starting supplies to start Strong seedlings!

Organic Seed Starting Supplies: Containers

One of the organic seed starting supplies you will need are containers. You can make your own seed starting containers using toilet paper tubes, egg trays, egg shells, or newspaper. All you have to do is make a container that will hold soil. For example:

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Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter Fun

Those of you who have read the Little House series know that Laura Ingalls Wilder never spoke of Easter. So, while a Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter giveaway might not fit in perfectly with her books, I’m sure those of you who love the Little House series will appreciate it anyway! The giveaway actually ends after Easter so it can be a belated Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter gift to yourself.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter - Fun giveaway found at

Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter Fun!

I love the Little House books. I have actually visited most (possibly all) of the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums. They are located in:

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