Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter Fun

Those of you who have read the Little House series know that Laura Ingalls Wilder never spoke of Easter. So, while a Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter giveaway might not fit in perfectly with her books, I'm sure those of you who love the Little House series will appreciate it anyway! The giveaway actually ends after Easter so it can be a belated Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter gift to yourself.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter - Fun giveaway found at

Laura Ingalls Wilder Easter Fun!

I love the Little House books. I have actually visited most (possibly all) of the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums. They are located in:

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HomeAcre Homestead Blog Hop 3/11

There were 108 wonderful submissions last week! I love to see each weeks submissions. Each host features their own article (there are six of us) so you have a better chance at getting a feature.

Growing Lavender from Cuttings - featured HomeAcre hop post

Growing Lavender from Cuttings

This week on Pint Size Farm I showed you my garage shoe storage bench (and why I love it) and all about Arizona daylight savings time (and why I hate it)! I also posted about how to use a compost barrel tumbler and there is a giveaway in that post (it goes for 2 more days) for a composter with a $319 value. Make sure you enter and good luck!

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Using a Compost Barrel Tumbler

Composting is one of the best things you can do for your homestead. It is a great way to both recycle and create free fertilizer for your garden. Using a compost barrel tumbler is just one of the excellent ways you can make healthy, free, compost. There are lots of ways to compost. Here are three ways you can compost:

Using a compost barrel tumbler, another way to compost - this one has no odors and composts fast! Found at

Using a Compost Barrel Tumbler… another way to compost!

  • vermicomposting (a great way to make compost quickly using mostly kitchen scraps. Vermicomposting also makes very good composting tea)
  • Composting with an underground composting bin (helps keep critters out of your compost and holds the temperature well)
  • Using a compost barrel tumbler (this is another great way to keep critters out of your compost and to create compost fast, more on that in this post!)

Lot's of ways to compost, but they are all great. Ultimately, it is up to you. I tend to use a couple of different ways and I would love to add a third. Each composting method has it's own set of pros and cons and using a combination of different composting methods guarantees you can recycle your scraps in the quickest, most efficient, way possible.

There is a giveaway for a compost barrel tumbler at the end of this post, be sure to enter!

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Arizona Daylight Savings Time Change

Arizona daylight savings time explained at

Arizona Daylight Savings Time (does not exist)

Arizona daylight savings time change is pretty easy, if you live here and do not have any dealings outside of the state, that is! Basically, Arizona daylight savings time does not exist. We do not change our clocks. We do not spring ahead. We do not fall behind. Sounds simple, right? Well, then you throw in the rest of the country.

Don't get me wrong. If everybody ignored daylight savings time I would be thrilled. That would be the easiest solution. But, that hasn't happened yet, which means it takes an extra step of thinking when trying to deal with other parts of the country while living here in Arizona.

Let's see, my family lives in Illinois and they are an hour ahead of us… wait, no it is after “spring ahead”, I guess they are two hours ahead of us. My sister in law is in California. Is she on the same time as us right now or are we an hour ahead. What about that meeting I have with the company in Maine.  Aack, I give up!

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Garage Shoe Storage Bench – Decluttering

This garage shoe storage bench gives the kids a place to put on their shoes and keeps dirt out of my house! How to found at

This garage shoe storage bench gives the kids a place to put on their shoes and keeps dirt out of my house!

How are you doing with the decluttering challenge? It is time to start a new zone! I have decluttered 373 items from my home so far this year (I will keep the totals updated in my sidebar each month). Learning how to declutter your home (and taking the time to do it) is time-consuming, but completely worth it.

For my second zone, I decided to tackle our garage and storage space. So, the tip for this week is going to be how to make a garage shoe storage bench (and why you need one!). If you are just starting the challenge then you can start here or go back to learn some bathroom decluttering tips before you tackle your garage and storage area.

The garage and storage room is a catch all for the items I have decluttered. This year I made the rule for myself that I will not be saving a ton of stuff for later or for a garage sale. I get caught in the trap of saving it for a garage sale, which usually never comes, and even if it does I tend to make very little money considering I stored the darn things for a year. This time I am going through all the items in our storage area and giving myself one week to sell them. Things I can't get rid of in that time will be donated. This is helping a lot with the storage area, although it is still taking me a while to get through the items I have in there.

So, that leaves the garage. The biggest problem with our garage tends to be shoes. I do not like shoes in the house. If you get used to taking your shoes off before you come in the house you will never track extra dirt, dust, and water into your living space. The best place to keep shoes outside is in a garage shoes storage bench. That way there is a place to keep the shoes and a place to sit while you are putting them on.

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HomeAcre Homestead Blog Hop 3/5

Featured Post: Decorate your Home the Eco Friendly Way

Featured Post: Decorate your Home the Eco Friendly Way

There were 128 great submissions last week! I love to see each weeks submissions. Each host features their own article so you have a better chance at getting a feature.

This week at Pint Size Farm we talked about how to get rid of fruit flies and I had a How to make money online update (part of the Homestead on a Dime challenge). I always use real numbers in my make money online update so be sure to check it out. It is a realistic post for how much extra money you can make for your homestead by spending 10 minutes a day online. Share your own progress via twitter or facebook! I love to hear how my readers are doing.

And, on to the featured submission!

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Make Money Online: Feb REAL Cash Update

Make money online, REAL numbers. Join the challenge and learn how you can make an extra $1500 this year. Found at

Did you make money online for the Homestead on a Dime challenge this month?

It's time to update my homestead on a dime challenge earnings from last month. I love to hear how you guys are doing to so be sure to connect

If you are looking for more frugal life tips and ways to make money online then be sure to check out my frugal living board on pinterest! I have so many wonderful pictures and links to financial savvy information.

This year I challenged you to earn an extra $600-$1800 extra by spending 10-60 minutes a day making money online. I did well in February and set myself up for a great March (there are a few checks I requested in February that will show up in March. I never count my money until it is in my hand). So far I have chosen to stick with Amazon gift cards, but a few sites only have a cash option so I should pick up a decent amount of cash as well.

Remember to think of your long-term goals. Earning a few dollars a day might seem like nothing, but it all adds up. Trying to make money online is a slow process, but it does work. What will you do with an extra $1500 at the end of the year? Most of the sites have options between checks, paypal, and gift cards. I like checks, but I love gift cards. If you go with Amazon gift cards then you can save them in your account until you want to spend them. Nothing beats watching that balance grow until you get something expensive you really wanted. Remember, long-term goals!

I can't wait to see how you did in February on the homestead on a dime challenge. Here is how I did:

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