Pint Size Farm Homestead Update 4/5

chicken and rooster

This is what we have in store this week.

This was a long week! When our HOA cracked down on backyard chickens we decided we needed to build our homestead from scratch. It is going to be fun and nerve-racking at the same time! We will be helping our neighbors fight to allow backyard chickens in the HOA so you will be seeing some of that on the site, but, for us, we decided that an HOA is not where we need to be. When we purchased this house the HOA was very lax, but all it takes is one person. That one person has started and boy oh boy does he have some horrible ideas! Not my cup of tea! We definitely do not regret purchasing this property because:

  • When we bought this we couldn't afford a house outside of an HOA, and believe me, we looked… for just under a year (while living with my in-laws because we moved from a few states away. Hubby was working 3 hours away and staying at work each week). Most of the houses here in Arizona are in HOA's because of the crazy amount of new construction. The ones that were not were way out of our price range. We found an HOA that the neighbors said did nothing (and one that already had a few homes with backyard chickens) and decided to give it a shot.
  • We got a pretty good deal. This was a short sale that was only a couple days from foreclosure. There was a lot we had to do to the house and we ended up having to pay the liens on the property and a few other things that normally the seller would take care of, but most of the things wrong were cosmetic. I think (hope) we have made some equity we can use to build our dream house.
  • It got us out of our in-laws house and our oldest kiddo into a good school district (he entered kindergarten a few weeks before we moved)

That said, now that there is this certain person walking around and finding/reporting differences. He also wants to raise rates, build a wall around the subdivision, force people to re-paint their homes (they are 7 years old right now), he keeps sending complaint forms in our newsletters. Bleech. I don't want to live in a neighborhood where neighbors are pitted against neighbors and we have to look like Camazotz from Wrinkle in Time.

We put an offer on some land and are waiting to hear back. We did have to take out a home equity loan, which is not ideal, but we will pay it off before we start building. I wonder if I can get enough Swagbucks to do that, LOL!

Here is what I posted on Pint Size Farm this week:

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  • Reply Prerna April 25, 2014, 6:15 am

    I just love living in a farmhouse, its so wonderful and peaceful but yes at times difficult bcause of unavailability of certain facilities
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    Thanks for this beautiful post. I have been to a house before with a farm and I find it amazing on how diligent they are in taking care of all the things in the farm. As for me, I am really not into the farming thing, though I know there are a lot of benefits you can get from farming.

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