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This Week at Pint Size Farm

I hope everybody had a great Easter! I took a week off blogging for the Easter break. Hubby had to work again (people love going to the zoo on holidays) so we went to the zoo as well and met him for lunch. The kids did an Easter egg hunt at the park and at the zoo (and found a gold egg at the zoo!).

We have a multitude of mini squirrels running around the yard right now. Seriously, a ton. I think each group had 6-7 and there are three groups close to the house and another 4 or 5 on the outskirts of the property. Today we were watching around 25 two inch squirrels running around with mommas close behind. They can't see through our slider door so we can sit right next to them and they just stare at themselves in the mirror glass.

They do cause some probs in the garden…. but they are so cute too!

Let's see, Easter, spring babies… so much fun! We did get a little bit of rain too. Rain is always exciting in the desert. We always have a rainbow! It hardly ever rains without there being sun. When my husband moved to Illinois he found it hilarious that one of his college classes actually stopped so everybody could go out and look at a rainbow. They are so common in Arizona (not so much back in Illinois).

I am super excited to start the Clutter Challenge! More on that this week, but we are going to de-clutter our houses top to bottom! Those of you who want to join here are a few things you can do:

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