Pint Size Farm Update | May 4th


This Week at Pint Size Farm

It has been a pretty long week. Hubby is working some long hours (they are short staff right now) so he is getting home around 6:30 each night (leaves about 6:00 each morning). Since he has Tues/Wed weekends he hardly gets to see our oldest right now. It is almost summer though so that should help some of it!

We had a great Saturday though. We started at baseball practice, then went to the Home Depot Kids activity where they built a flower stand. We had a little time to kill so we stopped at the dollar store and let the kiddos pick out a flower for their pot then went to Toys R Us for the lego build activity. After that we went to the library for a presentation on dinosaurs! It was a free day (except for the $2 spent on flowers) and the kids loved it. It got me pretty excited for summer. I love activity days!

Not much else, what happened on your homestead this week?

In case you missed it, here is what was posted last week:

Happy Homesteading!

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