#Sunday #Homestead Sum-Up

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Did you miss anything this week?

It’s Sunday, time to start a new week! This week Pint Size Farm is going to post another great bread machine recipe, review The Nest (a learning thermostat designed to save you big bucks on your electric bill), give you some tips on creating a raised garden bed for cheap, take a look at using an ionizer instead of laundry soap, and show you how to start a meal worm colony for your chickens (or lizards or birds if you would like to attract them to your yard!) Sign up for the email newsletter and you won’t miss a thing! I send out 2-3 updates each week.

This is what Pint Size Farm posted about last week:

Here are a few good posts from around the blogosphere:

  • Food and Kitchen Safety (in-the-pantry.com)

Do you have any favorites from this week? Tweet, email, or leave a comment and I will put them in next weeks Sunday Sum-Up post. Have a great week!

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