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This Week at Pint Size Farm

The weather is warming up! We still need some rain, but it looks like we are going to be out of luck this year. I started my potatoes today. I am trying a potato bin and I am growing them in straw (I had a ton of straw leftover from when I mulched the new flower bed). We will see how that works! I may try to mulch the trees using the straw as well. It seems to be doing wonders for the flower bed.

I took the plastic off of the bottom layers of the chicken coop, but I did leave it on the coop level still. Nights are still getting into the 50's with a few in the 40's so that will keep the area they sleep a touch warmer. And, yes, I do still have the chickens for now. So does my neighbor. I talked to the other woman who had them, but she said she lost them to coyotes a few months back. I have not been given an official warning yet, so I will deal with it if it comes. I am still hoping that SB-1150 passes and applies to HOA's. It is in the house right now.

We have started looking at land. Ultimately we will not be able to do everything we want to in the HOA. We looked for properties for a year though and did not find anything that was not in an HOA. It is one of the downsides of being in Arizona, almost everything belongs to an HOA. We own our house free and clear so I am hoping we can build without putting ourselves too far into debt. It is a long-range goal though. I am hoping to find land sometime in the next year.

Those of you following along in the Homesteading on a Dime challenge my totals are $85 in giftcards and $50 in cash REDEEMED so far this year using only Swagbucks, IRazoo, and Bing. If you would like to get tips for the Homesteading on a Dime challenge then be sure to click here and sign up for my newsletter. You will get 2-3 emails each week.

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