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Earn Online Cash: March REAL Cash Update

I’ve been super busy this month and I haven’t had a chance to update my homestead on a dime challenge earn online cash earnings from last month, so here it is! I love to hear how you guys are doing to so be sure to connect. This year I challenged you to earn an extra […] Read More

Cheap Living: Homestead on a Dime Update

Cheap living, I believe the frugal life is best accomplished by both living frugally and making money where you can. I especially like passive income streams and setting long-term money making goals, like in the homestead on a dime challenge. I challenged you to earn an extra $600-$1800 extra this year by spending 10-60 minutes […] {Click Here to See How I did!}

Bing Rewards Program: How to Earn Money

Stop!!  I do not recommend the Bing Rewards Program anymore. Try one of the other sites (seen below) or the main Homesteading on a Dime 2015 post can be found here. STOP!!! I can no longer in good faith recommend the Bing Rewards Program! The bing rewards program is a great way to earn a […] {Click Here to See the Post!}

Homesteading on a Dime 2015

It’s time to bring back Homesteading on a Dime! This was one of my more popular challenges last year and I’m excited to introduce it to those of you who are new (and welcome back “old” players). Homesteading on a Dime is all about getting those things for your homestead that you want, but may […] Read More