Declutter Kid’s Clothes: How Much? How To?

When trying to figure out how to declutter kid’s clothes the big question that always comes up is… just how much do they need? Never fret, the decluttering challenge has you covered! Here is how to figure out how much your child needs when it is time for you to declutter kid’s clothes. Closets are […] Read More

Garage Shoe Storage Bench – Decluttering

How are you doing with the decluttering challenge? It is time to start a new zone! I have decluttered 373 items from my home so far this year (I will keep the totals updated in my sidebar each month). Learning how to declutter your home (and taking the time to do it) is time-consuming, but […] Read More

HomeAcre Homestead Blog Hop 2/26

There were 115 great submissions last week, but I know we can beat that this week! Bring me your best posts. Each host features their own article so you have a better chance at getting a feature. This week at Pint Size Farm we talked about bathroom decluttering tips. It’s time for spring cleaning (and […] Read More

Bathroom Decluttering Tips: Quick, Simple

Bathroom decluttering tips are probably my favorite to write about. I like using bathroom decluttering tips because it is an area where I can get rid of a lot of things quickly. Under the bathroom sink is a catch-all for me. When in doubt, it goes under the bathroom sink. That makes it a total […] Read More

How to Declutter your Home: Zones

Learning how to declutter your home is not hard if you know a few tricks. One of the biggest tricks is using zones. Zones can help you learn how to declutter your home and they can also do a lot for helping you keep it that way. For this year’s decluttering challenge we are going […] Read More

Consignment Store: Just Between Friends

Consignment store. The phrase makes me think of goodwill. I will be honest, I have never had much luck with selling at a consignment store. I’ve tried Twice as Nice (they buy, but tend to give me less than $1 each item and only buy about 10% of them). I think the buying 10% is […] Read More