Garage Shoe Storage Bench – Decluttering

How are you doing with the decluttering challenge? It is time to start a new zone! I have decluttered 373 items from my home so far this year (I will keep the totals updated in my sidebar each month). Learning how to declutter your home (and taking the time to do it) is time-consuming, but […] Read More

Consignment Store: Just Between Friends

Consignment store. The phrase makes me think of goodwill. I will be honest, I have never had much luck with selling at a consignment store. I’ve tried Twice as Nice (they buy, but tend to give me less than $1 each item and only buy about 10% of them). I think the buying 10% is […] Read More

Decluttering Challenge: Organize Your Home

Decluttering in new year, that means it is time for my second favorite challenge of the year (second to Homesteading on a Dime only because that challenge makes me money and this one makes me clean). Despite “making me clean”, decluttering does have it’s benefits. I feel so much better in a minimalist home. I […] {Click Here to See the Post!}

How Do you Deal with Truckloads of Kids Toys in your Home?

I hope you have been doing well for the clutter challenge! Last week we split our home into 6 different zones and started (and hopefully finished) the first zone, master bedroom and closet. This week we are working on the kids rooms. If you do not have kids rooms then you can make this zone […] Read More