Organic Seed Starting Supplies

It is a lot cheaper to start your own seeds using organic seed starting supplies rather than buying organic plants later in the season. You do not need a huge seed starting setup to start your own plants. A small tabletop will work. You also do not need to run up your electric bill (although […] Read More

Weekly Sum-up for Pint Size Farm

I got a couple of those projects done this week. I made a planter bird house and finished the kid’s garden (although it does not actually have soil in it yet, but the kids want to do that part). I am trying a new garden marker project that I think will turn out nicely. I […] Read More

Mealworm Frass as Fertilizer – Reader Question

This weeks reader question is can mealworm frass be used as fertilizer? The short answer is mealworm frass fertilizer is great for your garden. Mealworm Frass Fertilizer Explanation Mealworm frass is the leftover material after you clean your setup. It is mostly mealworm poop, although it might also have some bedding, food, and eggs included […] Read More