Top Homestead Posts | HomeAcre 4/16

There were 102 post submissions last week! Just over that 100 mark. Great posts, everybody. Each host features a different post each week (there are six of us) so you have a good chance at getting a feature. Please read through the rules before you link up! I post them just above the linky. The […] {Click Here to See More!…}

HomeAcre Homestead Blog Hop 2/26

There were 115 great submissions last week, but I know we can beat that this week! Bring me your best posts. Each host features their own article so you have a better chance at getting a feature. This week at Pint Size Farm we talked about bathroom decluttering tips. It’s time for spring cleaning (and […] Read More

Valentine Roses | Homegrown Valentine Gift

Valentine roses are one of the most common (and sweetest) Valentine Day gift. If you want to go one step further in your gift of love then you should go with homegrown Valentine roses. Nothing says “I Love You” more than giving a gift that both symbolizes love and is something you created with your […] {Click Here to See the How to Grow Valentine Roses!}

Merry Christmas Cox’s Honey Giveaway

Budgeting for the holidays can be made easier with a few DIY gifts and winning a gift giveaway helps too! Here are three DIY gift ideas: Homemade Hand Warmers Spoon Garden Markers Washer Necklace There are more DIY gifts to come! Who do you need to shop for this season? This Cox’s Honey giveaway is […] Read More

Top 100 Homestead and Garden Posts | HomeAcre Hop 10/23

It’s been a long week! The van broke down (kinda) and we were told it was a $2000 repair. Honestly, I don’t believe them. I wish we had a mechanic we could trust. Auto Zone said it was a $9 repair so that is the one we did, LOL. I HATE cars!!! We got some […] {Take Me to the Posts!}…

Top 100 Homestead Posts | HomeAcre Blog Hop 10/8

So, today it is raining cats and dogs… yep, in October in Arizona. The weather channel has it listed as a “tropical storm” (it is from the hurricane), which I think is kinda fun. I never knew the Sonoran desert could have a tropical storm! I spent the past hour or so digging around in […] [Take me to the linky!…]