Top Homestead Posts | HomeAcre 4/16

There were 102 post submissions last week! Just over that 100 mark. Great posts, everybody. Each host features a different post each week (there are six of us) so you have a good chance at getting a feature. Please read through the rules before you link up! I post them just above the linky. The […] {Click Here to See More!…}

Being Frugal | Learn how to Live on a Budget

In order to live sustainably you have to learn to live within (or even under) your means. Being frugal can eventually become second nature, but you have to start somewhere! My bestt tip for becoming frugal is to start out slow! Pick tips you want to try and once you get the hang of them […] {Take Me to the Tips!…}

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes and Wipe Solution

I’ve talked a lot about how you can be self-sustainable using cloth diapers for your baby. This is also very frugal. Not having to go to the store each week to purchase disposables is empowering. Once you start using cloth diapers, using cloth wipes is a natural jump. Many families go from there to “family […] Read More