This Week at Pint Size Farm


This Week at Pint Size Farm

It was a non-eventful week at Pint Size Farm. We are still waiting to hear from the bank to see if our offer on the land was accepted or not. Two of my kiddos and my husband were sick this week so that was no fun! Our rose bush out front has gone crazy and I'm pretty sure has more blooms than leaves. Our carob tree has the start of some pods on it! I am excited about that. I want to try to make my own carob powder (maybe at the same time as mesquite flour). The rabbits and ground squirrels took down one of our prickly pears. They are eating anything in sight right now. I even caught the rabbits finishing off the banana peels in the compost (not usually a high ticket food).

If you missed anything on Pint Size Farm this week then here is your chance! This week I posted:

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