Top Ten Pint Size Farm Posts in 2014

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The ten most popular homesteading posts

Here are the top ten Pint Size Farm posts from 2014! If you missed one, here is your chance to catch up:

10. Self-Sufficient Living: How to Generate Passive Income

Passive income has got to be the best income! Income for not really doing… well, anything. In order to generate it you usually need to either invest time or money upfront and then let the passive income roll in. This post gives some suggestions for generating passive income.

You can set up your own passive income stream! Move towards self-sufficient living, post at

You can set up your own passive income stream!

9. Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living: Be Frugal

If you want to live self-sufficiently then you have to learn how to be frugal. An expensive lifestyle is hard to maintain. Read about a family who lives on only $10,000 a year.

frugal money in sock

Being frugal can help you be more self-sufficient

8. 10 Tips for Saving Money Heating your Home

Heating a home is one of the biggest expenses a homeowner will have. Implement these ten tips and you can save hundreds of dollars a year. That's hundreds of dollars that can go to things that are a lot more fun than wasting heat on the outdoors.

Frugal heating tips - save money on your heating bill this year!

Ten easy ways to save money on your heating bill this year!

7. Seven Surprising Things about Backyard Chicken Eggs (5 good, 2 bad)

Are you considering backyard chickens? There are a couple of surprising things about homegrown eggs.

7 Surprising things about Backyard Chicken Eggs (5 good and 2 bad) found at

Backyard Chicken Eggs

6. Get Free Organic, non-GMO Seeds for your Garden

Always a great deal! You can get free, organic, non-GMO seeds for your garden. You get one packet and you cannot choose which kind you receive, but that is part of the fun!

Free seeds from Groundswell International, spring 2014, GMO-free, organic

Get your FREE Seeds today!

5. The Cost of Raising Chickens


The cost of raising chickens

Another thing to consider if you are thinking about backyard chickens is the cost. Personally, I think the cost is worth the benefit! But, here are the numbers so you can decide for yourself. This post gets into the nitty gritty numbers, unlike the second most popular post, which is more of an overview.

4. To Wash or Not to Wash your Chicken Eggs

I don't wash my chicken eggs. It really isn't necessary! But, many people so here are some facts to help you decide for yourself if you want to wash, or not wash.

will you wash your chicken eggs? pros and cons

Will you wash your chicken eggs?

3. Frugal Homesteading: Creating Multiple Income Streams

A great way to prepare for a financial emergency is to create multiple income streams. This way, if something changes or falls through you still have other options to lean on. It is especially important in one-income families. Here are a few ways you can create multiple income streams.

6 Different income streams you can start today, post at

Be financially free with multiple income streams

2. Cost of Keeping Chickens on your Homestead for Eggs

This post goes into purchasing chickens specifically for eggs and how much you can expect to spend on them for feed, space, and the cost of the chicken itself.

How much will your egg-laying chicken cost to raise and keep? At

How much will your egg-laying chicken cost to raise and keep?

1. Red Wigglers vs. Earthworms in Composting

And the top post from the year was my post on Red Wigglers vs. Earthworms in composting. Vermicomposting is a great way to get rich compost quickly. And, it makes a nutrient rich compost tea as well (for your garden, not yourself!)


What worms should you compost with?

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