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Valentine Roses - grow your own for a personal twist on a classic gift. Great idea! How to found at

Grow your own Valentine Roses for a personal, but classic gift.

Valentine roses are one of the most common (and sweetest) Valentine Day gift. If you want to go one step further in your gift of love then you should go with homegrown Valentine roses. Nothing says “I Love You” more than giving a gift that both symbolizes love and is something you created with your own two hands.

Valentine Roses: The meaning of a rose

Traditionally roses are considered the flower of love. Different colored roses can convey different feelings. If you are going to give valentine roses, it is important to know what these colors mean:

  • Red roses – Red roses mean love and desire. They are the most common valentine roses. A dozen red roses means “I Love You”.
  • White roses – White roses mean purity and innocence. They are a great option for a young girl, flower girls, and wedding bouquets. They do not make the best valentine roses, but they do mix well with the other colors for a mixed color bouquet. A red and
  • Yellow roses – Yellow roses mean friendship and caring. If you would like to give a friend valentine roses then yellow is the way to go.
  • Pink roses – Pink roses signify joy and admiration. They are also a mix between red and white so they are a great option for a relatively new relationship that hasn't made the jump into “love” yet.
  • Purple roses – Purple roses signify enchantment. A purple (or pink) rose is great for somebody you would like to go out with.
  • Orange roses – Orange roses are rare, but if you can find them it signifies passion.

If you are in a new relationship then a mixed color rose bouquet conveys the feeling of love without a specific meaning.

Valentine Roses - Orange is a great color signifying passion. Found at

Valentine Roses – significance of colors

Valentine Roses: Types of rose plants

Roses come in three main varieties.

  • Bush roses
  • Shrub roses
  • Climbing roses

The ones you most commonly see in the floral store are hybrid tea roses or Grandiflora roses. Climber roses will go around that trellis and can be beautiful, but generally have the largest thorns. Miniature roses are great for containers if you would like to give an entire plant rather than just the rose flower. Tree roses are the hardest to grow, but do look great.

It is important to research rose varieties that grow well in your area. This is the number one reason why roses can be hard to grow… the wrong type of plant for your area (followed closely by being planted in the wrong location). There are many kinds of roses. Do yourself a favor and ask around (or do an internet search) to find the types that will work good for your spot. It will save you headache later down the road.

Valentine Roses: Growing conditions that roses love

  • Roses like sunny areas. They need 6-8 hours of direct sun to produce. Some plants will live in less sun, but they will have fewer blooms.
  • Roses also need to be protected from things that will eat them. Many animals love the taste of roses, including deer and rabbits.
  • Roses like loose, compost filled soil. Get your compost ready! If you have sandy or clay soil then adding compost will help. Honestly, even if you have perfect soil roses will appreciate the added compost. Banana peels are a rose bush favorite.
  • Roses like normal to a little more than normal water. An average plant requires 1 inch of water each week, while roses can tolerate a little more than that (up to 2 inches). Water them at the ground. If you get the blooms wet then there is a higher likelihood that they will get a disease. This is actually the case with all plants. Watering at the ground produces less disease and less water waste (water will just evaporate off leaves and blooms).
  • Use a nitrogen fertilizer if you want more blooms. When you purchase fertilizer there will be three numbers on it. The first is nitrogen content, the second is phosphorus, and the third is potassium. Look for a fertilizer that has a high first number.

Roses can be picky, but in the right location they are actually fairly simple to grow. We have a rose bush that was hacked down to the ground when the previous owners moved and it came back stronger than ever. I honestly do not do much at all to it anymore and it produces many beautiful blooms.

Valentine Roses are a great gift! How to found at

Valentine Roses are a great gift.

Valentine Roses: Giving a whole rosebush

Valentine Roses can be grown in containers easily (if you choose the right variety). Look for miniature roses or roses with smaller blooms. The small blooms will not only look better in the container (there will be more of them), but they will also be easier to grow than trying to put a large rosebush in a small container. Keep the soil in the container moist. Once soil in a container dries out it can be hard to save the plant (the water tends to rush right through when the soil is dry rather than saturating the soil like it does when the soil is already moist).

If you are going to give a rosebush to your significant other for Valentine's Day then make sure it is something that he or she wants and can care for. I think there are plenty of people out there that would love a rosebush, but it is a little like giving a pet. Living things can be a great gift, but can also be a burden. Make sure that your Valentine thinks it is a great gift!

Valentine Roses: What if you are too late (this year)

Okay, so your intentions are good, but maybe you found this idea too late and you do not have time! No problem. Start a rose bush this year and it will be ready to go for next Valentine's Day. This year you can always go the quick and easy route and order roses. Places like FTD, From you Flowers, and ProFlowers all sell Valentine roses. For bonus points you can start at Mr Rebates and get a hefty rebate on your Valentine roses purchase (your significant other will never need to know you got them on “sale”!)

Another quick option is to get a small rosebush from your local nursery and give the entire plant to your love. This option only works well if there is a spot to plant it and your significant other has a bit of a green thumb (and the want to grow them). It is a sweet way to say “I Love You” and gets more unique points then the typical dozen roses.

Just because you are too late to plant Valentine roses this year doesn't mean you shouldn't start planning for next year! It will save you money and is a gift comes from the heart.

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    Great post! I haven’t had much luck with my roses (they’re haven’t bloomed in 4 years) and now I think I know what I was doing wrong! Hopefully this year I’ll get some flowers. Thanks!

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