Weekly Sum-up for Pint Size Farm

chicken and rooster

This is what happened at Pint Size Farm this week

I got a couple of those projects done this week. I made a planter bird house and finished the kid's garden (although it does not actually have soil in it yet, but the kids want to do that part). I am trying a new garden marker project that I think will turn out nicely. I made a prototype and I'm going to put it outside for a while to see how it holds up before I write out the DIY. I have found so many cute garden marker ideas that just do not hold up in the weather.

I, of course, avoided my closet so I still have that to do. It just isn't as fun as projects. I planted a few new herbs (chives, rosemary, lavender) and some strawberries.

So that was my week, how was your week?

I posted the following articles at Pint Size Farm this week. If you missed any now is your chance to check them out:


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