Weekly Sum Up for Pint Size Farm

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This is what we have in store this week.

Homestead-wise I had a pretty slow week! Hubby was gone all week on a business trip so I did not get much done. I did try a new recipe for a tuna fish casserole (it was okay), washed the curtains, and planted some marigolds, but that is about it. I am going to try the Toys R Us kids day (they get to make lego cars). I hope it goes well. I am always unsure of those because I am not overly fond of crowds. The kids always have fun though. I have never tried a Toys R Us one. I'll let you know how it goes!

I started my gift card challenge (earning as much as I can in gift cards from my rewards sites). I am limiting myself to half an hour a day for all sites and then whatever I do that doesn't actually take time (like searching when I need to use a search engine or watching the videos while I am getting ready in the morning). I am not reporting any referral income so it is a good comparison for those of you who do not have referrals. Here are my weekly totals:

IRazoo – 166 points ($0.28)
Bing – 162 points ($1.54)

Swagbucks – 874 points ($9.71) – Redeemed $25 in Amazon certificates (had swagbucks from last month)

Bing is offering a sign up bonus of 200 points now (I signed up just before that so I didn't get it), but it will get you to your first gift certificate faster.

This week I ended up making $11.53 for 3 1/2 hours of “work” (the half hour is for all three sites total, not individually. I spend about 2-3 minutes on IRazoo and Bing and 25 minutes on Swagbucks). While that is only $3.29/hour I consider it a win because I can “work” at anytime, even while sitting at home watching TV.

How was your week?

In case you missed it, here are the posts from last week:

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