Weekly Sum Up for Pint Size Farm

chicken and rooster

This is what we have in store this week.

I bought a beautiful wind catcher to go in the middle of my garden this week. I got it at Costco for $35. It looks great, I managed to put it in the middle of the strawberry patch so hopefully it will also keep birds away from the area. That is if I ever get strawberries! My strawberries keep dying off and then I start all over. I do have one plant, but other than that they are not doing the greatest.

All of my flowers and new herbs are doing well though and I am starting to see carrots. A ground squirrel managed to dig into my peas, but I put down some more deer fencing and he hasn't gone in again. He did take all he could while he was there though.

I've been letting the girls (chickens) out to free-range some more. I haven't seen the hawk in a few days, but I've been watching. The mailman actually stopped at my house the other day to ask what animal was in my backyard. She had never seen a silkie chicken before and thought they were pretty neat looking.

I made a really cute veterinarian dramatic play area for the kids. It has a waiting room, X-ray room (complete with X-rays), sleeping room, kitchen, and exam room. I set up each area in different parts of the bedroom. The kids played with it for hours! I think I will leave it up for a week or so then move to a different one. I would love to try a restaurant one next.

Here are my updates for my Free Gift Card Challenge (if you want to follow along then join my email list here):

So, this week I made $12.94, which is a little better than last week. I am at $24.47 for the month of February so far.

In case you missed it, here are the posts from the week:

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