What Are Contour Cloth Diapers (and How do you Use Them?)

Using cloth diapers can save you lots of money and is a great step towards being self-sufficient. You don't need to go to a store every week to buy more diapers and if SHTF you know that your baby will always have diapers.

What Are Contour Cloth Diapers

  • Contour cloth diapers will cost you $230-$850 from birth to potty training.
  • Contour diapers are a cross between fitteds and prefolds. They look like a fitted diaper without a closure system, but it still has elastic around the leg so all you have to do is put it on baby.
  • Use a snappi (or pins) to attach it, or you can just put a cover over the diaper.
  • You will need a cover to make them waterproof.

Pros to Using Contour Cloth Diapers

  • Cheaper then fitteds because you do not pay for a closure system
  • Easy to use

Cons to Using Contour Cloth Diapers

  • Still a Two-Step system (needs a cover to make it waterproof)

Types and Cost of Contour Cloth Diapers

  • Kissaluvs Hybrid Contour Cloth Diapers cost $12.95 for one or $35.85 for 3. They come unbleached or in colors. The microfiber soaker is topped with cotton knit fleece. They are one size fits all diapers so I recommend 12 if you are planning on washing everyday or 20 if you are going to wash every other day. So, it will cost you $143-$241 for this system.


  • Imse Vemse Organic Terry Cloth Diapers cost $60.95 for 4 newborn diapers and $72.95 for 4 one-size diapers. If you want to wash daily then I recommend 11 newborn and 8 one-size diapers. For every other day washings you need 22 newborn and 16 one-size. So, it will cost you $329-$658 for this system.

Additional Costs for a Contour Cloth Diaper System

A contour cloth diaper will need a cover when you want to make them waterproof. Figure in one cover for every 4-6 diaper changes. You can re-use covers as long as they are not soiled. Do not get the pull on vinyl “diaper pants”. They are cheap for a reason. Go with a few good covers. Click here to see some of your options for covers. You will spend $8-$20 for each cover depending on what you want. If you get 6 covers for each size (most come in an infant size and a larger baby/toddler size) then you will get 12 total covers for a cost of around $175.

You will also need a few snappi’s (I recommend four – one for the diaper bag, two for everyday use, and one for back-up). Click here to see snappi's. These also come in 2 different sizes so it will add approximately $30 to the total cost.

Cloth Diaper Savings and Options

On average a family will save $2400 using cloth diapers vs. plastic for each child.

You have TONS of options with cloth diapers and they can seem overwhelming. Here are a couple of your other options:

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    Hmmm. That diaper looks comfy alright.
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  • Reply Alecia @CSNY September 19, 2014, 10:58 am

    I had a handful of fitteds from Green Mountain diapers for my daughter in newborn size. I L-O-V-E those diapers for fast changes vs the prefolds. She’s almost 10 months and we’ve switched to pockets because she’s so wiggly

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