Yard Sale Tips for Sellers

It's time to go over some yard sale tips for sellers. If you have been decluttering your house in the declutter challenge this year then you might be accumulating a large amount of… well, clutter that you need to get rid of! Each year I declutter and I am left with piles of stuff to get rid of. You can sell it on craigslist, ebay, or a consignment store, but ultimately many people choose to get rid of it by having a yard sale.

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Use these yard sale tips for sellers to declutter and make some extra cash.

Yard sale season is coming up fast for most of the country. Yard sales are work, but if you have a lot to get rid of then it is a great way to declutter lots of things at one time. These yard sale tips for sellers will make sure you earn as much money as possible from your unwanted items.

Here are 5 yard sale tips for sellers that can help you have a successful yard sale.

Yard Sale Tips for Sellers: Advertise

While this might sound simple, there are many people who forget this first step. Just putting out signs will only attract people who frequent the area. If you advertise then you might entice people who do not normally travel the area (or who travel the area on different days) to come to your yard sale. You might also get people who are looking for specific items.

Here are some advertising tips:

  • One way is to place an ad in your local classifieds, however this usually costs. If you have some high priced items then you might still try it. Sometimes local papers will allow yard sale ads for free. Some other locations are craigslist (garage sale section) or you may have a local facebook board you can post your sale details on.
  • Make sure to include your full address. Most people will plug an address into GPS or mapquest now so an address is more useful than crossroads (or forgetting it entirely!)
  • List any unique items or items that may be of interest. Anything that might attract the type of person you want at your garage sale. Do you have antiques, knick knacks, kids toys, kids clothes (what sizes), maternity, etc.
  • And for the biggest advertising yard sale tips for sellers. Don't forget to post the hours and date(s) of your yard sale! All too often you will see (especially on craigslist) a yard sale ad that does not have dates or times.

Yard Sale Tips for Sellers: Signs

Keep it simple and make sure it is neat looking and attractive. The point is to catch people's attention not to distract them. If you care to, attach a couple of balloons to the sign as well to make it obvious. Use dark writing on a bright colored sign (black on yellow is very noticeable). It is also a good idea to include the address if you can fit it without it looking cluttered.

Here are some more sign yard sale tips for sellers:

  • Place it where it is very visible and also be sure to make it big enough that it is readable from the road.
  • Don't include the day. If it is the second day of the sale and your sign indicates that then many people will skip your yard sale thinking the “good stuff” will have already been picked over.
  • If you don't have time for signs then consider purchasing a garage sale kit. For $17 you can get 10 premade, bright, wooden stake yard sale signs along with your pricing stickers and a few other extras. Good signs and stickers can save you time and earn you more money by attracting more people to your sale. It is one of the little known yard sale tips for sellers.
  • Another option is to post a flyer at your local grocery store, laundromat, garage etc.
  • With all these options, make sure you clean up your signs and flyers at the end of your yard sale. Nothing is more frustrating then an old sign that nobody cleaned up.

Yard sale tips for sellers: Price

First of all, put a price on your items. Few people like to bargain with everything and if you do not put a price on your items then that is what they have to do. You tend to sell fewer items this way and the ones that do sell tend to go lower than you want. If you rely only on the people who are comfortable bargaining then they are going to be more comfortable giving you a low-ball offer.Here are some more price yard sale tips for sellers:

  • Lay aside all sentimentalism. When you are pricing items ask yourself, “How much would I be willing to pay at a yard sale for this?”
  • If you really want to get rid of things, keep the price low. Remember the goal is to get rid of things…and making a little money is a fringe benefit.
  • Try to keep things in $0.25 increments. If you don't think you can get that much for it then it belongs in a free box. Adding quarters and dollar amounts will be easier for you and your buyers.
  • If something is new or is electronic and works well feel free to write that on the tag too. But remember, you can't expect to sell it for what you paid for it when it was new. If you claim that it is new or works well then make sure it is plugged in/has the batteries/has a box in good condition/etc. In other words, don't claim that it is unless you can back it up with proof.
  • Be willing to take a lower offer on an item. Again, remember the goal is to get rid of stuff. Another way of looking at it is that if you don't take the lower offer, you may not sell it at all and then you'll make nothing. You may want to wait until the last half of the sale before you start taking really low offers (I tend to sell everything at half off for the last hour and that gets rid of a lot!)

Yard Sale Tips for Sellers: Organization

Keep your clothes organized by size and gender. You can hang things, but that is up to you. I actually found that while I sell higher priced items better when they are hanging, things that are lower priced tend to sell better on tables or even in boxes. I think people like the idea that they have “found” something that the people who shopped before them missed. But, nobody wants to go through all your clothes when they are looking for one specific size.

Here are some more organization yard sale tips for sellers:

  • Put like things together such as all dishes, all home decor items, all electronics.
  • If you can't lay books, CD's and DVD's out nicely on a table then put them in boxes- but don't make the box so full that you can't flip through the items easily. If you have a lot of books, it is nice to also put all children's books in one box, all fiction in another, all non-fiction in another and so on.
  • If you need a hanging area then you can use step-ladders and put another regular ladder through the two of them.
  • Place bigger items on the ground propped up against the table legs BUT make sure that they are visible!
  • Clean your items so they look nice. Don't put out stuff that is dirty and stained.
  • Put batteries in battery-operated items and toys. People want to know they work. You can find batteries at the dollar store (they do not work long, but are perfect for this use).

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Yard Sale Tips for Sellers: Greet Customers

You know how stores have someone greet you when you enter? Well apply this same principle to your yard sale. It makes people feel welcome and lets them know that you are open to talking to them about any questions they have about your items.

Greeting people as they come into your yard sale also makes stealing and tag switching less likely as well as lets them know who is running the sale so they know who to go to for questions or to buy items (this can be a problem only if it is busy or if you are wandering the sale rather than sitting at a sales table).

Yard Sale Tips for Sellers: Decluttering

If decluttering is your ultimate goal then the best yard sale tip for sellers is to constantly remind yourself of that! Try not to be attached to your yard sale items. Take the money you can get and donate the rest of your stuff at the end of the sale.

Are you looking for more things to sell in your yard sale? Here are some places you can start:

Remember, the goal is to get rid of stuff and live a clutter-free life!

  • Reply Beth April 5, 2015, 4:52 am

    Great tips! I also found that for small things, it’s easier to put a color sticker on them instead of the price. Then I just make a sign that shows the dollar amount of each color. For example, if you have lots of things you want to price at 25 cents, 50 cents, one dollar, two dollars, just use a colored sticker. It’s also easier when at the end of the day you want to clear out the unsold items – you can change the price without having to explain or change all the stickers. Just write “Two for…” or whatever you want on the sign above the prices. Packages of these colored stickers are really cheap at office supply stores.

    • Reply Heidi April 6, 2015, 7:34 am

      I love that idea, thanks Beth

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